Dinner Guest: Me Term Paper

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They think they are being open by having a black man to dinner, but that is not really true. They are just showing their prejudice and their ignorance because they "demurely probe in polite way the why and wherewithal of darkness USA" (Hughes). They live their white lives on Park Avenue and have a black man to dinner, and so they think they understand the "Negro problem."

The narrator feels the way he does because he knows that this dinner, and others like it, will never solve the "Negro problem." It's the white people that have the problem; the black people just want the same opportunities the whites have. He felt this way because he knows that he will not change any minds or make any difference at this dinner. He says, "Solutions to the problem, of course, wait." He knows that the dinner really means nothing, and nothing good will happen because of it. He knows the "Negro problem" will continue, and that the whites, who are clueless about it will never understand it is them who are the real problem.

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Hughes, Langston. "Dinner Guest: Me."
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