Dinosaur Extinction: Currents Theories Term Paper

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While most scientists do not support the above alternate theories, their backers claim to have evidence to prove their validity, much the same way as the backers of the two main theories do (What Killed the Dinosaurs, 1995).

The debate over exactly how the dinosaurs became extinct is one that is likely to remain heated in the scientific community for some time. Further, it can neither be proved nor disproved that the dinosaurs became extinct due to the events that occurred around the K-T boundary or if they were merely weakened by them. Although the popular opinion tends to lean toward the sudden impact theory, without some type of as yet undiscovered evidence, a consensus among the scientific community as to the exact cause of the dinosaur extinction is unlikely in the near future.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Dinosaur Extinction: Currents Theories and Assignment

Raup, D. & Sepkoski, J.J. (1986). Periodic Extinction of Families and Genera. Science…
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