Dinosaurs Became Extinct Term Paper

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It is also believed that under a thick dust cloud it would become very cold without any penetrating sunlight, which could have even resulted in an ice age, where a large portion of the water on earth would have been frozen and the atmosphere changed drastically. Therefore, it is also possible that all of the dinosaurs could have perished due to an ice age or similar atmospheric change. Another theory is that the dinosaurs became extinct when the earth gradually changed atmospheric conditions. If the earth had changed from being extremely warm and humid to being colder and less wet, then the dinosaurs may not have been able to adapt to the new earth climate and therefore died out. Gradual changes in the climate or many other factors may also have brought serious disease to the dinosaurs. If a plague-like illness circulated among the dinosaurs, then this could be another explanation for their disappearance because they would have had no medical knowledge such as humans posses today with which…
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