Diploma, so Where's Your Dream Term Paper

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Consider taking additional classes to pump up your resume. Most colleges and universities offer night classes, so it shouldn't be difficult to continue learning as you enter the business world.


1. Have a plan this summer.

Decide in advance what you would like to do this summer. Successful people do not become successful by accident-their success is typically the result of a well-executed plan. Instead of rushing around madly, trying to accomplish an undefined set of goals, or constantly "intending" to go on that trip to the beach, make a list of what you would like to do while the weather is warm and beautiful. Rank order your choices according to your preference.

Then plan your summer accordingly.

2. Learn how to multitask.

Organized people can do more than one thing at a time. Suppose you need to conduct some business in another town. Is there a way for you to add some fun to the trip? Are there theme parks, museums, or sites of natural beauty in the area? Investigate the possibilities, and you may end up packing a bikini in your briefcase!

3. Create some long weekends.

Some of the most pleasant vacations take place over long weekends. Leave on Friday and return on Monday night. If you live near an airport that is a "hub," you may be able to jet down to Key West or New Orleans for the weekend. Return to work on Tuesday refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to plan for the next long weekend.

4. Make time for the family.

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Vow to get the family active this summer! Winter tends to lull most families into a lazy pattern that often includes television and junk food, but little real bonding time or strenuous activity. Think about how much closer your family could be after a white-water rafting trip or a visit to a rock-climbing gym. Then again, simply adding a family game night to your schedule might serve the same purpose, and there is less chance of personal injury.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Diploma, so Where's Your Dream Assignment

5. Try new things.

Have you always wanted to try water skiing or rollerblading, but have never had the opportunity? Create your own opportunities this summer. Do research on the Internet about that sport you have never played (but always wanted to try), and then get on the phone to the experts. Take lessons. Read the entertainment section of the local newspaper, which is usually full of helpful suggestions for having FUN. Make a promise to yourself that you will experience something new this summer, whether it is guitar lessons, skydiving, or swing dancing. You will be better… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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