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¶ … prioritized items that I would take with me were I going away on a long tri

Lengthy letters, with photographs attached, from people who are emotionally closest to me, with these letters also containing personal memories, assurances of their love, and advice and encouragement for the future.

My laptop -- fully upgraded to the most secure and most functional program then in existence. It should have the basic capabilities, and ability to access and listen to a wide range of music and movies. I would ascertain, too, that I have long-term subscription to the major academic databases that interest me.

A thorough compendium of global philosophy, from past to present, as well as theories from the social sciences, in particular from sociology.

One of Winget's books, likely "People are idiots and I can prove it" (2009)

An introductory textbook to a wide-ranging spectrum of mathematical and logical disciplines. The one I have in mind is called, "A survey of mathematics with applications" (Angel & Porter, 1997)

Part B. Description of Item

1. The letters: I would request those sentimentally closest to me that they describe their feelings towards me in as best a manner as they can, that they describe events that have happened between us that have positively impacted them, and I would conclude with a request for their impressions of my strongest and weakest points. I would ask them to attach their photographs, and an addendum of specific encouragement and/or advice for the future.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Direction Attach Assignment

2. The laptop -- I might switch to MEPIS, a program I have read that is more secure and reliable than Windows. I would ascertain that it is virus-free with a rapid Internet connection. I would also sign up for long-term subscription with pertinent online Academic databases; ensure that I have access to reliable music and DVD capabilities and, take along a starters' base of several of my best-loved music CD and DVDs (possibly although not necessarily the latter). I would ensure that I have all computer paraphernalia along with a large supply of printing paper, and several empty notebooks as well as a large supply of pens.

3. "People are idiots and I can prove it" (2009): In a down-to-earth, acerbic tone, Winget shows you exactly where and what you are -- he cuts through all the delusions -- whilst in an unusually commonsensical way he shows you how to see the mess in your life for what it is, and how to straighten it out. This is no self-help book; this is a self-'do' book.

4. The compendium: universal in approach, authoritative and comprehensive, an encyclopedia written in a scholarly manner covering every single… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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