Disabilities and Other Learner Characteristics Thesis

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Disability Learning

Disabilities and Other Learner Characteristics

The author of the article initially speaks to the way he reviews submission of articles regarding the characteristics of learners for publication and the requirements that he looks for in these articles. One of the most important traits he looks for in these article is the use of well grounded research and theories based on peer-reviewed academic journal article or books. He repeats this particular aspect several times. He has found that while the quantity of submissions regarding learning characteristics has increased the quality of those submissions has fallen short in many ways. Besides the previously mentioned problem in citing valid research he also point out that the representativeness of the samples used when devising the study may not always be appropriate to the research task being analyzed.

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The author quotes himself from a previously published article that appeared in the American Journal of Distance Education. In that article he recommends that in any good learner support system there should always be provisions for "at-risk" groups, such as those with learning diableries which may cause more stress for that group above and beyond the usual stressors of learning. Aside from those diagnosed learning disabilities, these groups would include those with visual, auditory, or other disabilities. It would also include populations such as prison or those with inadequate study skills, and possibly members of the armed forces. He recommends that their be a source for guidance and advice on the actual curriculum chosen by the student as well.

TOPIC: Thesis on Disabilities and Other Learner Characteristics Assignment

He then goes on to describe several articles he is including in this issue, both on "students with visual or auditory or other disabilities." The first by Kinash, Crichton, and Kim-Rupnow review the literature over the last three years as regards distance education and the "level playing filed" it provide for those with physical disabilities. The universal design of the medium of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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