Disaster Planning and Control Term Paper

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Disaster Planning and Control: Chapters 9-15 Review

Kramer's Book, Disaster Planning and Control gives the reader both explanations of different types of potential disasters as well as how to prevent or prepare for them. The title suggests that disasters are controllable, and some are. But the vast majority of those disasters that are weather or terrain-related are not, and Kramer discusses the importance of thorough planning, training, and disaster response execution. Chapters 9 through 15 are varied in content, but they cover a wide variety of topics related to disaster planning, preparedness, and control. Subject matter is tied together through discussions of types of hazardous materials as well as their potential use by both domestic and international terrorists. Kramer approaches these topics from a planning-centric viewpoint, stating that the most effective and efficient ways of dealing with these problems when they present themselves is to have a thorough plan and know exactly how to handle each situation. Along with this planning comes training, and Kramer talks at length about how Homeland Security as well as local authorities can begin to prepare for the unique types of disasters that will someday present themselves.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Disaster Planning and Control Assignment

The book covers hazardous materials in a very comprehensive way. Besides just detailing the definitions of hazardous materials and disasters relating to them, author Kramer references the importance of education as it relates to both understanding the risks as well as the most prudent solutions in hazardous materials situations and disasters. Radioactivity, chemical fires and explosions, as well as pollution-related and industrial emissions are all discussed in this way. Another unique aspect to chapter 9 is the fact that Kramer talks about hazardous materials from a weapons of mass destruction point-of-view. This is a very relevant discussion topic since many terrorist groups have used these types of weapons in modern times. It is very important as well to prepare for any sort of attack that could be carried out using these elements, and Kramer outlines how to plan and execute multi-stage responses to the issue. The types of equipment used in hazardous materials (HAZMAT) responses are discussed and described in this chapter as well. The discussion terrorist groups that may use HAZMAT related weapons segues nicely into the next chapter which covers Homeland Security and the responses necessary from this group in order to successfully deal with different types and levels of threats.

Homeland Security is a relatively new organization within the U.S. Kramer makes a distinction between local and imported threats stating that there are different solutions and approaches for each since domestic terrorism is part of America's past just as much as international terrorism has been. The discussion in chapter 10 turns to security and how local authorities like fire departments and the like can successfully meet the demands of any situation while themselves staying safe and secure. The chapter also discusses some ways for local governments and groups to prepare for these types of disasters. The following chapter covers terrorism specifically, and the lessons learned from the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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