Essay: Discrimination and Affirmative Action (Glass

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[. . .] It is not a fact of stepping up to the plate and saying, 'I want to see change.' It is how we will strategies and will drive the change. It is also the realization that this could take years to overcome but it is achievable. To eradicate this vice or reduce it, the solution will have to come through a lot of factors. First and foremost, women are the first people who should be in the starting line to advocate for change. They should demonstrate that they can work in all fields especially in scientific fields like KBR. It is up to the women to accept the change, and eliminate myths labeled against them especially that they are weak I some areas. A woman can work at KBR as a man would and even be better.

It is imperative that we break the glass ceiling and this should be a decision that everyone should commit to. We should also want to know why there is need to break the glass ceiling and this should be driven by our selfish motives. To do so we should also aim to find out the benchmark that we need to have to measure our progress. We also need tactics and plans that will help accomplish these goals and this is where the strategic planning comes in. In deed there is a lot of time and energy that need to be committed to this cause.

By excluding women in senior positions, companies stand to loose especially in their competiveness. Women should be included in senior managerial position not only to better represent their workforce, but also stand to be more competitive. Gender diversity at the decision making levels in the shifting demographics and sensibilities of the new global economy, gender is a perquisite for the long-term success of corporations in the global market. Inclusion of women at management levels will have positive impact on the long-term of businesses. 'The glass ceiling is not only egregious denial of social justice but a serious economic problem that takes a huge financial toll on businesses.' (Jerlando & Elizabeth, 2008) There is need to attract and retain the best of workers and leaders from both genders. Women have demonstrated that they are also capable of contributing to the economy at whatever level and thus their exclusion means that the economy drags behind too.

In order to eliminate the problem of women discrimination, big companies like KBR should be forced into applying affirmative actions for a short period to equal out the male/female ration in management positions. Women are qualified but big corporations find it hard to hire women because of its untraditional method. Women bring many things that a man doesn't bring to the business including another view point. This alone would help companies compete better in the business world. In fact they have been known to have good managerial skills and companies that have women as managers have scored greatly. The reason why the glass ceiling still remains un shattered is the belief that women are better in the home ground at taking care of the families than in the office front and in environments like KBR..


The beauty of the glass ceiling is that it is 'Glass" and thus it can be broken. And the best way to break it is to realize your potential as an individual. If each individual made the efforts to break own 'glass ceiling" then a lot will have been achieved and others joining the workforce will be encouraged to follow suit and all other sectors that need to play a role in breaking the glass ceiling will find themselves supporting the cause

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