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The discriminated group would receive lesser wages as compared to the non-discriminated group or the discriminating group. These discriminations are as such based on the difference in personal characteristics like the age, sex, religion, race, nationality or education of the individual. In the case above the discrimination is mostly due to the race than any other factor. Both the Israeli and Palestinian need to accept each other and look past differences. Although the fault is not solely of the Jewish side, the Jewish side should train their people and notify industrialists and policy makers that the Arab population should be given an equal opportunity. Further they should also be allowed to put industries and bring themselves out of the poverty that they are in now. There are many examples all over the globe where people are discriminated on the basis of gender. A woman is paid less than a man. This is highly unfair and should be avoided under all circumstances. All forms of discrimination should be avoided by the people and everyone should be paid fairly and dealt with justly. Human resource managers face and deal with a large diversity of people and they play an important part in eliminating the discrimination that is found to exist in society today. After the September 11 attacks on the world trade center the Muslims had become the target to this discrimination in the United States. Muslims were being looked at as if every one of them is a terrorist. Not only was this true for the general public but for large firms and organizations. Many of them lost their jobs because of this discrimination.

Term Paper on Discrimination There Are Many Different Assignment

As a resource manager it would be important for me to be impartial to the race, gender, age or any other factors that are normally the cause of discrimination. To solve the case described above, the resource manager needs to be strict in his evaluation and be unbiased. Awareness should be brought about in a person that being an Arab does not mean that he or she is a terrorist or they hate you. As a human resource I would be unbiased and assess the candidate based on his qualification regardless of whether he is an Arab or a Jew. If he deserves the job that he is applying for then he should be hired. The above case shows that Arabs are given all the lower positions and as a human resource manager it would be important for me to deal with this situation. Regardless of race the person will be given the position that he is qualified for. Any employee that is discriminated against should also be compensated for. He should not feel that he is being discriminated against. If a person deserves a top job with a high pay then there is no reason why he should not get that job. He should be adequately paid for what he is doing. The wages should be the same whether he is of one race or the other.

Discrimination or harassment in the labor market is a disease and should be eliminated from the society. In the case described it was seen how racial discrimination caused the collapse of the economy of one race. As a human resource manager it would be my top priority to eliminate or at least minimize any form of discrimination or harassment.


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