Discrimination Within Resort and Hotel Settings Term Paper

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Discrimination within resort and hotel settings is a common occurrence for several reasons. First, discrimination is intrinsically tied to the class of individuals who occupy and visit the destination. Second, the class system and tier of access pertaining to the specific destination. Finally, the cultural implications of the individuals who both own and occupy the resort destination. In the case study of the Baderman Islands resort destination, managers must ensure that Discrimination does not occur on two separate fronts. In the first case, discrimination against employees might arise due to both hiring procedures and contradictory treatment of employees. In the second, treatment of customers based on their economic, social or cultural distinction. The following will examine what types of discrimination may be evident within this document and how we might go about treating it.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Discrimination Within Resort and Hotel Settings Is Assignment

Employee discrimination within this setting could occur on many different levels. Since the location of this resort is within the Kelsey River region in Germany, its chief attraction is towards upper tier Europeans. Therefore racial discrimination could be very much evidenced in how and what type of individuals the managers of this resort would look for. Racial discrimination in resort settings is a consistent threat because managers always attempt to match the racial tones of their customers. Ethically, the managers of this resort must ensure that equal opportunity is given to individuals of all races, this means also that racial discrimination cannot occur in job selection as well. Legally, discrimination by race is not tolerated through both national level law as well as doctrines of international discrimination policies. However, such legalities are often by passed through such practices as exclusive recruitment and other factors that ensure managers never have to explicitly turn down employees on the issue of race. It is up to the manager to ensure that he complies with the spirit of racial equality.

Another key discrimination within this resort setting is gender discrimination. Managers have the priority of ensuring that specific occupations provide gender equality. In such settings especially in a golf intensive atmosphere, female caddies are rarely hired because golf is a gender biased sport in most parts of the world. However, since caddying is one of the most lucrative jobs in any given resort, gender exclusivity is decidedly unfair. It is evident in legal standards that gender discrimination is not allowed, however this is not an easily observable legal doctrine. The only way to ensure that such standards are not eroded is to occupy existing standards of operation and ensure that managers act within the framework of equality. One such protective measure is the use of a quota system, by ensuring that a certain percentage minimum in terms of both gender and racial equality is met, Baderman Island managers will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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