Distance Education Institutions Thesis

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Distance education is proliferating in developing nations and fast becoming a primary source of academic information delivery. However, distance education methodology, curriculum, and infrastructures vary from region to region. One of India's most comprehensive distance learning institutions is Indira Gandhi National Open University. The Indira Gandhi National Open University relies exclusively on Distance education methods but focuses mainly on Indian learners and their needs, with a particular focus on reaching out to the rural poor and economically disenfranchised. The Indira Ghandi National Open University offers a Virtual Campus accessible from their main Web site: (http://www.ignou.ac.in/virtualcampus/index.htm).However, some school-sponsored conferences are held in person. Much course content is available in audio or video format on the school Web site.

With a spiffier Web site than the Indira Gandhi National Open University, the African Virtual University (AVU) offers a more extensive digital library and other technological tools for students. Like its Indian counterpart, the AVU stresses the importance of using distance learning tools to help the economically disadvantaged. The AVU is multinational in scope, spanning most of the continent. The African Virtual University has headquarters in Nairobi with a regional office in Dakar. Therefore, its geographic and national scope is greater than that of Indira Gandhi National Open University.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Distance Education Institutions Assignment

With a surprising lack of entrenched distance education institutions and infrastructures, Latin America needs to catch up with other regions in providing distance learning services to the region's underprivileged populations. Brazil has led the way in providing national support for distance learning within that country. In the rest of Latin America, consortiums like the Inter-American Distance Education Consortium are often based in developed countries outside of the region. The Inter-American Distance Education Consortium (CREAD) is rooted in Nova Southeastern University in South Florida but networks local institutions to provide a wealth of services to distance learning students. Although it is based in South Florida, CREAD was conceived in Caracas and continues to focus educational programs and services on a Latin American market. Like the pan-African AVU, CREAD reaches students in multiple countries in a number of different languages.

Of the three, the Indira Gandhi National Open School is the most dedicated to the practical needs of India's rural population, offering extensive coursework and workshops in sustainable farming. Many of the programs and courses are vocational in nature, compared with the CREAD policies, which clearly explicate the consortia's interest in furthering scholarly research. The African Virtual University combines the two approaches, offering what appears to be a pan-African program for stimulating education, reducing gender disparity in the sciences, and also attending to the needs of residents from disparate regions of the continent. All center on two main policies: to deliver a quality education to those who might otherwise not be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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