Distinction Between Leadership and Management Research Paper

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¶ … Leadership and Management

There is a key distinction between the terms management and leadership. This distinction becomes even more pronounced when it is applied to the roles that individuals fulfill while striving to achieve objectives related to these two concepts. As such, there is a fairly salient difference between a manager and a leader. Essentially, managers may be called upon to lead -- although they do not necessarily have to. Leaders, for the most part, are such regardless of their individual rank within an organization, and have the proclivity to produce behavior that attracts others to follow them.


That said, the key distinction between these two roles within a healthcare organization primarily relates to formality. Managers are individuals who have been given positions of power and authority. They often have the need to delegate and allocate resources towards the achieving of specific objectives that are always in alignment with those of the overarching organization. They do not have to be noted for their charisma or their people-skills, since their position is rooted in authority in which they have copious amounts of control of the processes of a particular organization.


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Leaders, on the other hand, do not expressly have positions of power, authority and control that managers have. By definition, of course, all a leader needs to have to stake such a claim is followers. Therefore, one of the key distinctions of a leader is that he or she has a fair amount of influence within an organization -- especially within a health care organization. Such an influence may be based upon position and rank, but it can also be intrinsically related to personality, charisma, and the desire to show to others how to achieve an objective -- which either may or may not be related to those of the organization.


TOPIC: Research Paper on Distinction Between Leadership and Management Assignment

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