Diversity Awareness Research Paper

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My attitudes toward my own background remain strong, and I am gradually letting go of the mistrust and biases that I have cultivated towards other ethnic groups: especially Caucasians. Now, I have some Caucasian friends, whereas a few years ago I had none.

My racial heritage is African, but after centuries of slavery we now identify more fully with being African-American than with being African. Some day I would like to travel to Africa to get in touch with my ancestral roots. However, most African-Americans have trouble performing any genealogy to the old world. If I teach young children, I would make sure to cultivate each of their interest in genealogy and ancestry because I feel these are important aspects of who we are as individuals. We can never escape our heritage.

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I identify with not just one but at least three different minority groups. As a female, we are clearly not in the minority but we have experienced subjugation and oppression by men and the patriarchy. Prejudices against women are akin to prejudices against black people and gays. I identify with each of these minority groups. Because I grew up in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, I felt supported until we ventured out into more mixed or white communities. Then, I felt stared at if not outright uncomfortable. I have not identified with being a lesbian long enough to experience prejudice, but I expect to once I come out more to my family members at home.

More than ever before, I am interacting with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. I am interacting with people whose political beliefs and worldviews differ from my own. In my youth, most of my friends were African-American. Now, I have Asian and Jewish friends too.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Diversity Awareness We All Have Assignment

Teacher education students must take a course in which diversity is discussed because teachers help shape the values and beliefs of their students. Although teachers cannot undo whatever prejudices parents have taught children, we are responsible for educating students and enlightening them as best we can. Diversity is a fact of life; in fact, the more exposure we have to diversity, the more likely we are to succeed in the global marketplace. Understanding diversity makes us better communicators, and able to make a difference in the world.

I am grateful for the opportunities to explore my own feelings about diversity. Personal identity construction and communication with others are only some of the areas in my life affected by diversity. As I become a teacher of young students, I am learning more about myself so that I can teach with as few biases and prejudices as possible. I do not want to show favoritism to students because of their background, which is why it helps to unravel these different aspects of myself and be completely honest about who I am. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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