Diversity Critique of Michael Jackson Term Paper

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They saw past his flaws and accepted his success. However, as is often the case, when the blockbuster singles were harder to come by, Jackson opened up his eccentricities to the world as pleaded for continued fan support. Much of Jackson's criticism comes from the black community. They could no longer relate to the King of Pop. Although he claims his dramatic color change, for example, comes from a skin disease, the black community saw Jackson as a black man trying to escape from his roots by medically changing his skin color. His appearance today seems too unreal for the average person to understand who Michael Jackson has become. There have obviously been some major facial reconstruction sessions but Jackson claims he had only one corrective surgery. And childcare advocates have been given too many demonstrations of a person not completely in touch with the reality that children around him should be treated a different way than what he seems to think is normal. Although I would love to say that the media and public opinion may have been too harsh on Michael Jackson, he continues to do idiotic things to keep himself in the negative spotlight. If it isn't dangling a baby out of hotel window it's getting charged as a child molester and sexual deviant. How does a publicist integrate ways of improving an image of a person with such poor judgment?

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Diversity Critique of Michael Jackson Assignment

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