Diversity and Democratic Characteristics on Individual Behavior Essay

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Diversity and Democratic Characteristics on Individual Behavior

The objective of this work in writing is to examine the impact that characteristics such as gender, age, sexual orientation and geographical differences have on individual democratic behavior. Toward this end this work will conducted a thorough review of available literature in this area of study.

Diversity and Individual Characteristics Impacting Democratic Behavior

The work of Smith, Miller, Archer and Hague (nd) entitled: "Working with Diverse Cultures" reports that the work of Brazzel defines diversity "in terms of human differences that play an important role in the culture and operation of their organizations. The culture of an organization includes the customs, assumptions, beliefs, values, rules, norms, practices, arts and skills that define and guide members about: (1) the reasons for the organization's existence; (2) how the organizational 'work' is to be done; (3) organizational rules for membership; and (4) how to relate to others in the organization and to those outside. (Smith, Miller, Archer and Hague. nd) Dimensions of diversity are stated to include factors such as: (1) age; (2) educational background; (3) ethnicity; (4) family status; (5) gender; (6) income; (7) national regional or other geographic areas of origin; (8) race; (8) sexual orientation; (9) social class; and (10) spiritual practice among others as this list is not exhaustive by any means of the factors that contribute to diversity among individuals. (Smith, Miller, Archer and Hague. nd)

II. Changes over Time of Factors that Impact Individual Democratic Behavior

It is reported that in the Christian world that such as Popes, Cardinals and Clergy at one time "exercised immense political influence, sometimes bending kings and emperors to their will. They have lost this preeminent political role in modern Western democracies…" and while leaders in today's churches still take positions on moral and social issues that are controversial "today, they are only one voice among many." (Religious Party and Electoral Behavior, 2010) the emergence of the welfare state is reported to have transformed the Church's function. It is reported that "stark differences" existed in the 2000 election "between 'traditionalists, middle-aged married voters with children living in the rural South and Midwest who came from a religious background supporting Republican George W. Bush and the modernists including single college-educated professionals living in urban cities on both coasts, who rarely attended church and who voted for Democrat Al Gore. (Religious Party and Electoral Behavior, 2010)

This indicates that common links exists between religion and political party support. In fact, it is reported that the Church was closely linked with parties "on the right" and that represented "conservative economic policies and traditional moral values -- initially concerning marriage and the family, and later including gender equality, sexual liberalization and gay rights." (Religious Party and Electoral Behavior, 2010) it is reported that in the United States that the fundamentalist 'born again' churches "became closely linked to the Republican Party, especially in the South." (Religious Party and Electoral Behavior, 2010)

It is reported that from… [END OF PREVIEW]

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