Diversity in the Elderly Population Essay

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Of course, any demographic shift brings with it social and economic challenges, not least for healthcare systems. The notion of a greying population is usually framed in terms of the added demands and pressures they will bring. But although there will be challenges in adjusting, the overall picture is far from bleak if policymakers enact sensible change. (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2009, 4)

In a fair vision of health care, there is an ethical, efficient, and dynamic system in place to monitor and moderate the health needs of the elderly. In this vision, the health care system promotes different, more ethical attitudes regarding aging in that it is a natural process that people can enjoy and prepare for with greater consideration of ethnic, cultural, and medical diversity. In this hypothetical system of health care, there is more collaboration between gerontologists and specialists in prenatal care, infant and child health -- in fact, in the potential future of health care, people have a more peaceful awareness to address aging from the earliest stages of life, so that aging is not so much of a depressing and fearful process as it is now.

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Furthermore, in this future of health care, there is a proportional amount of specialists in the field of elderly care to the population of elderly people; in other words, the geriatrics specialists will not be so vastly outnumbered by their patient pool -- geriatrics gets better marketing and better spin; it will not be an issue people starting thinking about once they reach a certain age or experience a certain health ailment symptomatic of "old age." The growth of the elderly population requires changes in perspective, approach, and ethics. This is a unique population with unique characteristics that distinguish from elderly generations of other time periods, thereby diversifying their gerontological needs.

Essay on Diversity in the Elderly Population Assignment

All humans will get older. A number of those aging humans will reach elderly age. There are more and more elderly people on Earth. The Earth is experiencing a great deal of changes in the wake of the 21st century, changes that go far beyond innovations in technology. The demographics of the world's population are changing. There is a greater percentage of elderly people on Earth. More people are living longer. Health care needs to adapt in order to stay in pace with the changes in the world. Health care is a universal issue with a diverse demographic, and gerontology should be a universal concern. Lack of attention to geriatrics is a demonstration of a gap in ethics.


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