Diversity Global Awareness and Cultural Term Paper

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" (Bruno, 2004)

National and local employers are responsible for correcting racial discrimination policies especially when it comes to promotional standards. Not enough employers are aware of the fact that discrimination is a criminal act. Employees and employers must make a better effort to eliminate the obvious problems. Lawsuits have been steadily increasing because of racially motivated glass ceiling cases and the new global economy may produce even more of these cases. The business community has to take notice. "Trial lawyers gained new financial incentives to pursue employment-law cases against small firms when Congress passed the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1991. That law expanded the remedies available to victims of employment discrimination under statutes such as Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was enacted in 1990. Plaintiffs in a wide range of cases can now seek not just compensation for economic damages and attorneys' fees but also punitive damages and damages for emotional distress." (Barrier & Warner, 1998)

(Department of Labor, 2004)

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As can be seen in the Department of Labor chart, the census bureau understands that minorities are closing the gap on whites. American businesses s are projected to have fewer White Anglo Saxon protestant males to hire and companies will need to address this gap by hiring more minorities. How will this happen? Education is the key to creating more understating citizens. "Our findings show that students taking the prejudice and racism course became more aware of racism, including its pervasive and institutional nature, and more clearly realized the extent of White privilege. Students also became more astute in their analysis of a fictional scenario describing possible racism. They showed clear emotional changes, reporting higher levels of White guilt and exhibiting more discomfort when describing how they would respond to receiving White privilege." (Kernahan)

Term Paper on Diversity Global Awareness and Cultural Assignment

Looking back again at Barak Obama's historic win to become the President of the United States, we must also consider diversity from a global perspective. The new president has already made great strides in altering the perceptions of the world about us. George W. Bush may be a Texan, but we must understand how his policies shaped the views of the world about the United States. Diversity is something learned early on and it changes over time. "University students' attitudes about race and culture develop during early childhood and are crucial to their development throughout life. Gollnick and Chinn (1998) believe that children's cultural awareness and prejudice tend to increase with age, and eventually prejudice may decrease but racial and cultural awareness tend to increase." (Echols) Former President Bush's understanding of diversity altered national policy for each of us here within the borders of our nation. It was a very intense time right after September 11, 2001. President Bush did what he may have thought was right when he changed our nation's foreign policies that directly or indirectly affected every man woman and child on this planet. Foreign policy prior to 911 was interdisciplinary because it was shaped by many theoretical approaches. Today, we may need a more understanding Barak Obama to revisit how we perceive our own diversity and how we allow for the world to see us. Revaluating diversity and our nation's policies after eight years of the Bush administration will be a challenge.

In conclusion, this report aimed to address the need to successfully promote global awareness and cultural and racial diversity. When Barak Obama became our nation's first black president, we were all given an opportunity to teach and to learn a little more about being different. The appreciation of every minority with a strong serving of tolerance has to become a national movement. Diversity is how Mother Nature intended our world to be so we have to embrace that. Singling out any one race, nationality or gender holds us all back. When we all become teachers of understanding and peace, we become better global citizens. We are the teachers of the future. "Teachers' own awareness of race, racism, and whiteness very much impacts their ability to educate both students of color and white students. Researchers indicate that if teachers do not acknowledge their own racial identity, they will not recognize the need for young people to affirm their own." (Schniedewind)

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