Diversity There Is a High Essay

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The District is also inclusive with respect to religion, and wants to include aspects of religion in music, literature and social studies classes. The county is largely Christian (Catholic mainly, then Protestant), with a small Jewish minority. No student shall be exempted from study on religious grounds. The District's policy on absences for religious holiday and instruction holds that students cannot be punished for such absences, but that they must make up for the lost work. Students may not, however, be granted absence for participation in mass religious instruction (i.e. To go to mosque in the middle of the day).

4. There is no evidence that the Miami-Dade School Board's food service department caters to the needs of any culture. The Board designs its lunches in line with Federal and State Board of Education statutes, and seeks to meet nutritional standards and desirable eating habits. There is no mention of culture or religion in the Board's policy statement about food service.

5. a/b covered above.

c. In this case, there are a few changes that might benefit the program. I guess the first is with the food to ensure that the food meets the needs of the community. Some areas of the District have very high concentrations of students from foreign cultures, and in those cases it is reasonable to have foods appropriate to those cultures. It would be more difficult to accommodate the culinary needs of the religious minority so that will not be necessary.

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With respect to the programs, the emphasis on English is strong. If the budget allowed (it probably does not) I would recommend more services for the families of students. Hopefully, the density of foreign students has led to a strong social service network in order to pick up what the District cannot provide. The students do need to have a strong orientation program in order that they are able to transition quickly to student life in America. Thankfully, the other students will be able to help, as many will have had the same experience, or be from the same culture.

Essay on Diversity There Is a High Assignment

d. An ideal cultural diversity program would capture the unified culture of the area. The District's diversity has long roots, to the point where all elements of the different cultures contribute to the social life of the community. I would want the diversity programs at the Miami-Dade Public Schools to reflect that. Thus, I would ensure that there were adequate language programs, not just to allow for students to learn English, but to learn a second language as well. For one's future vocational prospects, learning Spanish is highly recommended in this area, so for students to have that option is valuable.

Another feature of the diversity program that I would have as my ideal would be one that incorporates the entire families of the children. The children will receive an excellent education and be brought to English-language fluency, but their parents may be at a disadvantage. In addition, it is harder to make English stick with children in communities that are 95% Spanish-speaking. Thus, having the support of the families in ensuring that their children place strong emphasis on gaining English-language fluency is essential.

The final component would allow for cultural competency beyond language. The county is a melting pot of different cultures -- not all Spanish-speakers are created alike, after all -- and as such the ideal diversity program would instill respect for the history and tradition of all the cultures that make up this area, from the natives and founding settlers to the most recent arrivals.

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