Diversity in Leadership Education Kearney Journal

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[. . .] Even though there was a definitive stance about transformational leadership, there were noticeable efforts made to present information with at least moderate objectivity.

This reader agreed with the thesis of the article. This is a style that should continue to prove practical and yield compelling results in the globalized world of the 21st century. Education is becoming significantly more accessible to more and more people around the world in various forms, such as on-campus, online, and integrated models that include both online and in-person coursework. As an effort to keep current, innovative or alternative styles of leadership in the education field should be tested and employed.

Students and teachers are encountering higher or more intense occasions of diversity as part of the educational experience. To become more comfortable and, as the authors reiterate, to maximize the potential of these inevitable experiences in diversity, teams should use transformational leadership. Certainly, there will be some resistance and some failures in the use of this style, of which the authors note the possibility. Productivity and innovation are key to success in the 21st century in the education field, and most other fields in the globalized economy. The advantages of transformational leadership, which promote the positive use (not exploitation) of demographical differences among education staff, are apparent and useful in various ways.


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Karanxha, Z. Agosto, V. & Bellara, A. (2013). The hidden curriculum: Candidate diversity in educational leadership preparation. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Faculty Publications, Paper 12. Available from: http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/els_facpub/12. 2013 October 20.

Journal on Diversity in Leadership Education Kearney Assignment

Kearney, E., & Gebert, D. (2009). Managing Diversity and Enhancing Team Outcomes: The Promise of Transformational Leadership. Journal of Applied…
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