Diversity Policy at Lehigh Term Paper

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Diversity Policy at Lehigh

This report aims to argue that the recently implemented measures to increase diversity and multiculturalism at Lehigh University have been and will continue to be effective. For the most part, the university has committed itself to incorporating a diversity program and the associated initiatives. The program is supported by the managerial levels of the faculty and administration as is demonstrated by the university's Mission Statement. The clear reference to 'dedication to diversity and pluralism' shows that the administration understands that the school's future is directly linked to their creating an atmosphere where diversity can thrive and these programs will continue to increase the overall levels of diversity and multiculturalism. One of the most important aspects of diversity is the fact that it cannot be simply a quick fix. "It is important to emphasize that achieving a diverse Lehigh is a continuing challenge rather than a fixed goal. We should indeed make steady progress, but the effort is one that will be ongoing. Diversity may not be a matter simply of numbers, but numbers do count because a community must have sufficient people from different backgrounds to retain them and attract others." (Lehigh President's Speech) to make a community such as Lehigh University a diverse environment, the school will need to continually promote a very high level of social acceptance as well as creating a situation where interaction of the various cultural segments of society can live and work together in harmony.

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Term Paper on Diversity Policy at Lehigh Assignment

The days where few schools had documented diversity initiatives are over. Lehigh University is approaching this endeavor by addressing the various aspects of diversity including the student body, faculty, and staff and the overall campus environment. In the current highly competitive and intensive global economic situation, universities have unfortunately discovered that in order to survive, grow and prosper, they will need to incorporate more diversity focused programs into all areas of the services they provide. Our nation has abandoned the 'all white male' educational and workforce theory. The schools have also discovered that in the future they will be even more limited because they will be recruiting students and employees from a much smaller number of qualified candidates. For example, universities can no longer wait for the best educators or administrative personal to simply come looking for a job. Schools such as Lehigh will have to make dedicated efforts for recruiting, training and maintaining the best employees. They will also need to recruit from the ranks of the disabled, women and minorities. Lehigh must address issues concerning diversity and discrimination even though historically these topics were not easily discussed and often went unpunished, undocumented or were simply glossed over.

It was often the case in the past that senior management condoned discriminatory actions or policies in areas such as Bethlehem. However, Lehigh has had to reexamine its procedures from the top down. Lehigh University has set the bar high by establishing a program that is supported by the board of trustees and the top management. "It also is important to emphasize that many of the steps needed to increase Lehigh's diversity, particularly of its faculty and staff, must be taken by colleagues at the departmental level. The president, provost, vice presidents and deans can lead, but success or failure will be largely determined in local interactions and individual departmental climates." (Lehigh President's Speech) Lehigh did not just have the Human Resources function create a diversity program for hiring a few minorities. The university has implemented a program that will be successful today and well into the school's future. The school has initiated a diversity initiative that considers people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, ages and disabilities. With that, the school is communicating to the public that they are an environment that will promote an adaptable, diverse conscious communication… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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