Diversity in the UAE Today Research Proposal

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[. . .] Methodology

The proposed study will use a qualitative research philosophy and methodology to develop informed answers to the above-stated research questions. Qualitative researchers have a number of different methodologies available, including case studies, ethnographies, phenomenological studies, grounded theory studies, as well as content and narrative analyses (Neuman 2003). In particular, content analysis has been applied to the study of diversity, either as a goal of government policy or how diversity is perceived by a country's citizenry (Voakes & Kapfer 2007).

Research Approach

Despite a lack of a universally accepted definition of diversity, many of the studies of diversity to date have typically defined diversity as being the respective percentages of ethnic minorities or women in a given organization or other population (Voakes & Kapfer 2007). Increasingly, though, social researchers have also explored other dimensions of diversity that transcend superficial levels of "differences" using a content analysis approach to identify how the strength of the dominant political culture affects the acceptance and encouragement of diversity in a culture, and to what extent the dominant political culture influences assimilation practices of immigrants to mainstream society drawing on early conflict theorists such as Ludwig Gumplowicz and Lester F. Ward as well as modern theorists including C. Wright Mills and Alan Sears.

In sum, given the UAE's precarious demographic situation today, a content analysis research approach was deemed the optimal approach to developing informed answers to the proposed study's guiding research questions stated above. This approach involves dividing source material into four mutually exclusive categories: government, private sector, affiliated, and unaffiliated, with each category being broken down according to the source's status within those larger categories (e.g., executive, middle management, public relations/aide, and finally worker) (Voakes & Kapfer 2007). Quotations and other information concerning diversity in UAE culture will be identified and included in the content analysis with respect to the proposed study's guiding research questions.

Research Design

The proposed study will use a qualitative textual data published in peer-reviewed journals as well as governmental, trade, and regional magazines and newspapers concerning the impact of diversity in the UAE using conflict theory as the organizational framework.

Research Access

The secondary literature will be easily accessed with the exception of governmental reports which may be sensitive or classified.

Resources (e.g. cost, time)

A breakdown of time and costs for the proposed study is set forth in Table 2 below.

Table 2 -- Proposed Timeline and Resources


TIME (MONTHS) (2014-2015)














Bibliographic Searches




Photocopy info from non-bibliographic sources ($15)









Submission of thesis proposal



Fine tune research question and methodology



Data collection





Data analysis




Writing up of thesis



Revision, editing and submission



Submission of thesis



Anticipated Findings

Based on the preliminary findings, the anticipated findings will include UAE citizen references to resenting the growing presence of immigrants in their country and concerns over the effect of such high levels of diversity in the workplace and government that are congruent with conflict theory. Conversely, it is also anticipated that there will be a number of positive reports from UAE government authorities concerning the positive effects that immigration has had on the nation's economic development with little regard for its concomitant effects on UAE culture and society.

Potential Significance of the Study

The current emphasis on encouraging continuing immigration to the UAE to help satisfy an ongoing labor demand may have unexpected and unintended consequences in the future. To the extent that these patterns are allowed to go unchecked without considering their impact on UAE culture will likely be the extent to which the UAE government policies will fail to achieve their intended outcomes.


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