Diversity in the United States Essay

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Such an attempt was never even proposed at the federal level before 1981, because it had never been that big of an issue. The issue of an official language has surfaced periodically throughout U.S. history but was not raised in Congress until 1981, when Senator S.I. Hayakawa of California introduced a constitutional amendment to make English the official language (Leweling, 1997).

However, the English language movement was given credence by 23 states and in 1996 Congress designated English as the Federal Government's official language. Many people have criticized such attempts at making the official U.S. language English because they fear that it will detract from many citizens right to be culturally diverse. There have also been attempts to only provide information about government programs and services in the official language which would naturally discriminate against those who cannot speak English. However, there is a subculture within the current majority of Americans who do not feel that there should be tolerance offered to immigrants who do not speak English and these individuals should be virtually forced to learn the "official" language.

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The challenges that the country will face are not simply limited to languages or cultural traditions. Other challenges may include cultural segregation, inequality in education, xenophobia, hate crimes, economic inequality, discrimination in the criminal system and many other such issues. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans were treated unfairly because of national fear. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the cultural fears against Middle Eastern Americans have grown in the country as well which has been largely amplified by the media's coverage of such events. Although the United States has made many strides towards tolerance, such events indicate that there is still a lot of work to be done to become more accepting of diversity (Keita, 2007).

TOPIC: Essay on Diversity in the United States Assignment

Education is the most important aspect to fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity. The United States has long been a melting pot of cultures from around the world although this fact is commonly overlooked. Teaching children the history of the country as well as an appreciation for other cultures can reshape the cultural appreciation in the youth population in a few generations. However, such education should also be developed on multiple levels and through multiple platforms. Much of the culture can also be reshaped in promoting cultural diversities through television, music, art, media, and even politics. The election of the Barack Obama as the first American President who is also from minority descent marks a milestone in the country's development that is long overdue. With such developments coupled with continued focus on education and the perpetual fostering of an appreciation for cultural diversity, diversity will eventually no longer be something to fear but will instead celebrated through the entire American culture.

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