Diversity and UPS Term Paper

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diversity AND UPS

Diversity is a broad term that includes classification of people on the basis of their age, gender, expertise, race, religion, origin and thoughts. UPS has adapted a policy of diversified workforce, the company supports and encourages different segments of society to join and offer not just their services but their diversified orientation to the UPS and its customers.

UPS has been ranked "50 Best Companies for Minorities," (evaluation conducted by FORTUNE magazine). UPS employees represent pluralistic and multidimensional community, reflection of global society. The company welcomes the contribution of employees towards the progress of the company, and the company accepts the employee's general attitude towards their work, provided it brings return to the company.

Diversified workforce is one of the key objectives of the company, UPS prefers people possesses high skills, related experiences, effective resources and extreme commitment.

Minorities of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Pacific Americans accounts for 35% of the UPS employees in United States. In 2005, minorities measured 50% of the new recruitments. The 28% of the UPS management team comprises females, and women have one-fifth representation in the total force. One-third of the company's management at executive level comprises of minorities. (UPS Progress Report)

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UPS has established Diversity Steering Council, bold measure for fostering and encouraging diversification within workforce. The council's vision is, 'ensure that workforce, customer, and supplier diversity remain a visible core value that is integral to our business, our community relationships, and the UPS charter'.

UPS's commitment towards diversification can be judged from simple observation that UPS Diversity Steering Council is co-chaired by the company's Chairman and CEO along coordinated by Executives of Human Resource and Public Affairs department.

Term Paper on Diversity and UPS Diversity Is a Broad Assignment

The notion of diversification within the council has been well implemented, and the council consists of members who are directly or indirectly associated with UPS.

The implementation of diversity-core policies has further strengthened company's credibility and repute. It has impacted company's dealing with customers, supplier network and importantly the workforce.

The company has an expanded over 200 countries with more than 8 million world wide customers being served by 40700 employees of UPS; the expansion of UPS on international corridors has given it a unique opportunity to handle customers with wide range of diverse background.

In 2002, the company launched UPS Supplier Diversity Program, with an objective of creating business opportunities with minorities and women. The company further encourages its suppliers to deal with businesses owned by minorities and women.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Corporate Citizen of the Year Title was awarded to UPS. The poll ratings of DiversityInc.com ranks UPS as third best Diversified Corporation.


The Employer Choice Index of 80% for the year 2006-07' (UPS Press Release) expresses the level of satisfaction employee has from his employer. These outstanding results have been not possible because of the employee-friendly policies and attitude that the company's top hierarchy offers.

Following initiatives have resulted in increasing ECI,

The company evaluated Women leadership development opportunities, and created an internal task force in 2005 for enhancing and introducing women's leadership and participation in an active manner.

Bridges to Excellence (BTE) program was launched in 2003, UPS was among those first companies who introduced it. BTE offers proper medical and health care treatment; it offers employees a chance to discuss their health issues with proper physicians such that quality health care opportunity can be availed without any delay or constraint. UPS in collaboration… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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