Diversity Vermont Diversity Issues Research Paper

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Young blacks make up 1.6% of the population, up from 0.7%; Latinos jumped from 1.2% to 2.2%; Asians from 1% to 1.5%; and multiracial youths from 1.8% to 3.1%." (Silverman, p. 1) This means that opportunities are becoming greater to improve the diversity of students drawn from in-state.

5) who gets financial aid?

Most students are likely to be eligible for some level of financial aid. According to the UVM2 informational website, the cost for attendance at UVM is almost twice as much for those coming from out-of-state. Federal Direct Loans are an important part of offsetting these costs for students. According to the site, "Student Financial Services works for undergraduate, graduate, medical or continuing education students from the day you apply for admission, to the day you make the last payment on your student loans." (UVM2, 1)

6)what does it feel like to be a student there?

In spite of the relatively low level of ethnic and racial diversity at UVM, the school does an excellent job of ensuring that all of its students feel at home and welcome. The community is embracive of all backgrounds, the curricular offerings reflect a diversity of cultural interests and the clubs, activities and residential communities provide open doors to all types of participants. It is easy to feel comfortable and at-home on the UVM campus.

7)How successful are students?

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According to UVM3 (2010), 60.7% of students entering the university in Fall 2004 would graduate in 4 years. This denotes a relatively high rate of retention and graduation during the standard four-year period.

8)what multicultural education are students receiving?

Research Paper on Diversity Vermont Diversity Issues in Assignment

The multicultural education received by the students is characterized both by the mandatory 6 credit diversity curriculum and by the efforts that the school spends to court international students. According to the school's admissions page, "many international students find the University of Vermont an ideal setting for an undergraduate, graduate or medical education -- in fact students come to the university from more than 50 countries." (UVM, 1)

9)who are faculty leaders?

The school's staff of professors may qualify on the whole as faculty leadership. This is because the school can speak to an intimate relationship between students and professors. The experience of attending school here is positively impacted by the efforts that all professors make to get to know their students and to help them through individualized challenges. Here, professors exhibit tremendous educational leadership instincts.

10/11) what is the school relationships with nearby communities?

One important aspect of the experience at UVM is the opportunity created for students to reach out to the communities surrounding the school. An array of programs are provide by the Office of Student and Community Relations, which is always thinking of ways to bridge the gap between the school and the areas surrounding it. Such programs include the Community Coalition, the Student-Neighbor Liaison Program, the Have a Heart Campaign and the Front Porch Forum. (Shampnois, 1) All of these are designed to help students feel not just as if they are a part of the campus community but also a part of the Burlington community as a whole.

12) what does the school want to change, and how will they know if they changed it?

As discussed here throughout, the University of Vermont projects itself as a diverse atmosphere in which students from every walk of life are treated with equal respect and given equal opportunity. In order to better achieve this stated goal, the school should work to bring greater diversity in from out-of-state. This may mean a greater emphasis on such programs as Affirmative Action as well as an expansion of financial aid programs designed to reach out to minorities and ethnic groups which are currently under-represented on the campus.

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