Divorce on Children Impact Research Paper

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Remarriage, especially of the custodial parent, can significantly ease the economic adversity resulting from the divorce and therefore eliminate some of the practical stresses for children of divorce. This can significantly increase the well-being, both psychological and physical, of younger children (Peck 1989). However, remarriage tends to have a negative influence on older children, especially those in early adolescence and especially if the remarrying parent is the custodial mother. A 1989 study of the effects of remarriage on early adolescents found that "living with one's mother and stepfather following parents' divorce is associated with significantly less happiness and life satisfaction among both men and women" (Twaite et al. ____).

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There is overwhelming evidence that divorce has a negative impact on the development of children at all ages. From the parental stress that influences an infant's anxiety level, to the psychological difficulties encountered by a young boy who has no consistent male role model, to the bitterness of the teenager who must move away from her friends to live somewhere cheaper, all aspects of divorce are disruptive to a child's sense of security, well-being, and confidence. However, there is some good news. While the impact of divorce on children is undeniable, it is not insurmountable. Children consistently show astonishing resilience and adaptive capabilities in the face of adversity, and children of divorce are no exception. When Acock & Demo (1994) compared the well-being of adults based on their childhood family structure, they found only a small difference between those who grew up in families untouched by divorce and those who grew up in divorced or remarried families. They concluded that, despite all of the stresses associated with divorce, "family structure has only a modest effect on children's well-being" (Weiten et al. 2012).


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Research Paper on Divorce on Children Impact of Assignment

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