DNA the Structure and Nature Term Paper

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Translation allows for the production of proteins in ribosomes according to the genetic code within the DNA molecule. In other words, the blueprint for life encoded in the DNA helix provides the chemical information necessary to produce a seemingly infinite variety of biological forms based on, among other factors, the synthesis of proteins according to the original genetic code.

It is our knowledge of how DNA operates within living organisms to produce the endless variety of life that we see around us that is crucial to the way in which we consider and interact with biological processes. By grasping the chemical processes that lead to replication, transcription, translation, and protein synthesis within cells, we have gained a beginning of the understanding to intervene in these processes when necessary to rewrite the genetic code of lifeforms ("The Discovery of the Molecular Structure of DNA"). Scientists have been able to successfully insert specific genes and gene sequences, and thus create new protein expressions, into plants and animals to produce new traits or resistances that are valuable for combatting diseases or producing new expressions of life that were previously unknown. In this way, we have expanded our basic knowledge of biology and the role that DNA plays therein to manipulate life at a chemical level.

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Term Paper on DNA the Structure and Nature Assignment

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