Doctor's Clinic Description Essay

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Doctor's Clinic


The description of a Doctor's Clinic and the people who work there depends on the type of illnesses and conditions, the clinic specializes in. Let us assume that we are talking about doctor's clinic where sports injuries and related problems are treated. Most Doctors' clinics are fully functional units where more than one doctor/physician specializing in the field is available for consultation.

A group of physicians belonging to the same field with ample experience join hands and offer complete one-stop service in their related field. Or example Doctor's Clinic in Vero Beach, Fl, is a 40-physician multi-specialty unit. Since sports related injuries are now common, in a clinic that deals with it, you will find sports psychologist and therapist along with specialists who deal with the physical aspect of the condition. It is usually a walk-in facility because some people may encounter sports related injuries on the field and may not have time to get an appointment. For this reason, doctor's clinic always offers some walk-in facility. While some physicians are available only through appointments, other specialists can be consulted on first come first serve basis. This is how most doctor's clinics operate in the country regardless of the number of physicians they have working for them.

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Even with first come first serve basis practice method, there are times when some patients are given preference and this is mainly due to the nature and seriousness of their problems. In many clinics, you will notice a sign politely requesting your cooperation in special cases. These cases are either emergency related ones or those connected with children. Since children must be treated immediately, doctors will usually request your understanding and attend to a child in distressful condition first. Similarly emergency cases are given preference over normal outpatient problems.

Essay on Doctor's Clinic Description: Doctor's Clinic the Description Assignment

Despite their best intention, doctors at a clinic might not always be prepared to deal with your condition as it may seem too serious for them to handle. In this case, you will be referred to a specialist in some well-known hospital. It must be borne in mind that a doctor's clinic is always comprised on a group of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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