Dod: Pursuing Alternative Energy Conservation Essay

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The Navy has indeed been long leading the way in the regard, by engaging in proactive testing of biofuels and demonstrating that there is absolutely no reason that the future of the Department of Defense has to include a dependence on foreign fuels. The Navy was the branch of the DOD which engaged in the testing and certification of 50-50 blends of advanced hydrotreated biofuel and aviation gas as a means of testing, evaluating and demonstrating the wide-range utility and functionality of advanced biofuels in an operational setting. "The military's ability to use fuels other than petroleum reduces vulnerability to rapid and unforeseen changes in the price of oil that can negatively impact readiness, while also increasing energy security….Kaiser delivered 700,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable diesel fuel, or HRD76, to three ships of the strike group. Kaiser also delivered 200,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable aviation fuel, or HRJ5, to Nimitz. Both fuels are a 50-50 blend of traditional petroleum-based fuel and biofuel comprised of a mix of waste cooking oil and algae oil."

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This is quite so promising because it demonstrates the grand potential of biofuels. Biofuels offer up the possibility to offer affordable, renewable sources of energy for the future, without forcing this on-going situation of dependence on foreign fuel sources -- something which has been repeated far too often in the last few decades. The dependence on foreign fuel is akin to a reliance on a backwards and outdated form of technology -- it's as if the military had become dependent on an old-fashioned technology: using foreign fuels is like still being dependent on typewriters or muskrat rifles. Technology is evolving and the DOD has a strong obligation to apply this evolution to the arena of fuels and alternative energy sources.

TOPIC: Essay on Dod: Pursuing Alternative Energy Conservation Assignment

The proof of this viability is in the progress that has already been made: in the beginning the overall objective of the BioFuels program was to develop an affordable alternative production process that will accomplish 60% of conversion efficiency by energy content of crop oil to military aviation fuel and elucidate a path to 90% conversion.

With each year, the military comes even closer to meeting that goal in a strong fashion and in a manner which relies on the strengths and abilities of various disciplines: chemistry, engineering, material engineering, biotechnology and propulsion system engineering.

Thus, this paper has attempted to demonstrate that the future of energy sources is directly connected to the usage and development of biofuels, without a doubt. Reliance of foreign fuels is so expensive and will continue to grow in cost, that one simply cannot rationalize spending another solitary cent on them. Furthermore, reliance of foreign fuels creates an unnecessary and skewed power structure that has never worked in the United States' favor and will continue to foster a relationship of dependence rather than self-sufficiency. Biofuels hold the key to a future which is not only greener and more renewable but which is also colored by autonomy.


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