Doing Business in South America Research Proposal

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¶ … Business in South America

Business Prospects in South America

South America can be considered as a continuously developing market for Western companies. In certain Central and South American countries, population's incomes are increasing, and so is consumption. The workforce in South America is becoming more and more specialized in certain areas, providing quality employees in all areas, not just manufacturing and production.

However, this region has always been characterized by certain political matters that kept investors away from South American countries. Oil is probably the most important asset that can be exploited in these regions. But oil companies have found themselves in dangerous situations in South America because of guerilla groups, for example, that tried to use this situation in their advantage in the battle with governments.

The situation seems to change for the better, as some countries in South America present smaller risks for investors. One of these countries is Chile, which is considered as "the freest economy in Latin America" (HKTD, 2008). Chile has the highest per capita GDP, combined with the lowest inflation rate in South America. The country provides a stable macroeconomic environment and stable business prospects for any investors.

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As mentioned above, most international reports show that the political instability in South America seems to slow down. Even more, "anti-business populism appears to be waning in Latin America, some experts say" (Latin Business Chronicle, 2008). Experts also consider that Paraguay is the only country in South America where populism will continue to spread, as expected. In the rest of the regions, people seem to have understood the importance of economic development, and also the fact that economic developed can only be sustained with the help of foreign investors.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Doing Business in South America Assignment

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