Essay: Domestic Abuse the Human Services

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[. . .] The human heart has the capacity to care and give itself for one another. This is the ultimate strength for any determined human service professional or social worker. It must be kept in the forefront at all times. Following one's desire to help human beings eliminate unnecessary suffering and should never be taken lightly or dismissed. Additional strengths include the organizational capabilities of the human services network and the funding that can accompany such high-profile work.


Disadvantageous to domestic abuse victims is the stigma that's attached to such behavior. Certain causes of domestic abuse such as stress economic hardship, depression, desperation, jealousy and anger all are human emotions that can never be totally eliminated within anyone's psyche. The constant struggle to overcome emotion and reach an equal balance of strength and mercy is not only a human weakness, but is the bane of social services and social workers in general. Emotional responses produce many of the good things in life as well by eliminating and dehumanizing domestic abuse victims, while attempting serves as a week area to exploit.

Society perpetuates domestic abuse making this another weakness. Substandard police units do not necessarily treat abuse as a crime but merely as a dispute in some instances. The overburdened court systems have an easy time losing perspective and minimizing the effects of domestic abuse. Clergy and counselors often are held back by previous failed experiences, that is often rooted from the academic institutions that educate the future humans services professionals.


Domestic abuse symptoms arise in many different ways. Every time these negative behaviors arise givesthe social worker and the domestic abuse victim and opportunity to change behavior and grow towards their potential. People who are abused by a spouse or partner may demonstrate the following behaviors: anger, inability to work, substance abuse, diminished mental health, diminished physical health, depression, sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, and most importantly low self-esteem. Understanding the root causes of domestic abuse allows the opportunity to solve these problems and make productivity within society attainable through the reduction and anticipated elimination of violent behavior.

Dutton (2005) agreed that the opportunity to eliminate misunderstanding within academia is available today. Through his analysis he suggested that "the paradigm constructed by domestic violence research has warped our perceptions " and "the most thorough protection of the safety and best interest of the victim derives from assessment of all potential risks to that safety as opposed to a gender bias exclusion of maternal threat " (p.37). It is time for the opportunity to reevaluate what we know and what we don't know about domestic abuse. Only through the relative experience and personal experimentation can the social service professional truly assess his or her environment and begin to contribute towards positive growth and diminishing violence.


Threats within a SWOT analysis describe the external elements that may give rise to future problems for the potential project or plan. Re-examining theory and applying new and relative means of solutions to old problems presents many threats. Changeitself threatens many attitudes due to the uncertainty of its nature. The fear of change seems to be at the heart of many issues accompanying violence. The current warlike state of the world tends to threaten the work of the humans services professionals. As the leadership of the countrys at war continue to repeat violent behavior at this high level, it should be no mystery that subordination under these terms will cause violence. This threat of violence, from all sources in all directions, hampers the ability for those wishing to reduce violent behavior and create stable and productive families willing to contribute to society's greater need.

Other external elements in the environment that can cause issue for the peacemakers of the world, deals with the economic instability of the current systems. Baldry (2007) supported this analysis by attributing the behavior to social learning: "bullying and victimization are complex phenomena. The significant Association found between inter-parental violence and bullying, especially direct forms of bullying, could be explained according to the social learning modeling theory of Bondura (1973) " (p.728). This is key information for aspiring social workers and their leaders. Just because an action is performed at a higher leadership level does not always guarantee its sanctity or its justness. War is domestic abuse at an international level. This threat must always be understood as a contributing factor in how abuse happens at the interpersonal relationships in society in general.


Strategic goals need to be accompanied by sustainable objectives in order for success to be realized by the pursuant. In accomplishing the goals set out in the beginning of this essay, I've assigned certain steps to achieve success. Mastering the lessons learned within these three objectives will contribute greatly to understanding and fully realizing the potential of the human services profession.

OBJECTIVE #1: Self-Reliance

In order to fully maximize my capabilities and the capabilities of the profession in general, it is necessary to come to some understanding of my own personal attitudes and emotions. Peace at the local and societal levels requires individuals to eliminate violence within one's own personal life. Coming to grips with the violent nature of existence is essential on the path to becoming self-reliant. Abuse victims need to understand that they are important persons that have value. That message can be communicated from me to them for not only my subordinates in my influence upon them, but most importantly through my own personal experiences and attitudes.

Tarr (2008) supported this interpretation: "our culture has always put a high premium on the concept of independence and evaluate those perceived to be dependent. Industrialization saw white men move from being self-employed to being wage earners which change the definition of independence to the ability to earn income. Simultaneously, the cult of domesticity emerged in middle and upper class women were assigned responsibilities attendant to home and childcare duties that were not seen as work since they were unpaid " (p.425).

OBJECTIVE #2: Non-Violence Promotion

It may be hard for some victims of domestic abuse to differentiate between what violence is acceptable and what violence is not acceptable. It is common that state officials often will abuse their power as it will often manifest into violence and unjust treatment. This problem may be inescapable if it is attacked at the societal level. The promotion of nonviolent behavior must begin within the individual, specifically myself, while expecting the radiation of such behavior to be contagious amongst my coworkers and eventually to the abuse victims that will receive this assistance.

This objective is difficult to grasp in totality due to the inherent violent nature of nature. Humanity seems to consistently struggle against its own emotional status that may fuel violent interactions and eventually victims of abuse. The relative nature of individual experience once again can be helpful in understanding how to promote nonviolent behavior. Violence only occurs when a transaction between two individuals incurs an unjust or coercive response. In some instances, violence and abuse is not understood as violence and abuse due to the regional customs and standards. Throughout the world people treat each other differently in accordance to their regional customs and regional laws. This is not to say that one law is superior to another, it is say that all regional customs may have some validity. Regardless of the situation, it is up to the individual social worker to interpret the relative circumstances in order to eliminate violent behavior in the future.

OBJECTIVE #3: Continuing Education

Errors and mistakes often occur when the human mind misinterprets the magnitude of its judgment. In order to reduce violence within the community, it is important to continually be updated about new facts and circumstances that relate to society. The ever-changing nature of human evolution requires the educated professional to continually update his or her skills so they maintain a flexible approach in applying to different segments of society. Having a naive approach, in some instances may be helpful in applying new ideas to old problems. Continuing to realize that the world is a challenging and a difficult to understand environment at times will assist in reaching the overall strategic goals of reestablishing self-sufficiency at a practical and educational level. Maintaining individual dexterity within the myriad of subjects that can affect the healing of abuse victims directly supports the momentum of establishing new standards that reflect the accomplish goals.


Many good ideas have remained nothing but ideas due to the inability of disseminating logical solutions to problems in material fashion. Material and experienced action is needed for any practical result to become realized. The action plan associated with achieving the strategic goals laid out in this essay requires an inductive approach. Blanket actions stemming from observations without due cause often causes more work than does provide solution. While many believe the medical community and the healthcare industry has answers to these problems, this idea is… [END OF PREVIEW]

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