Domestic and International Terrorists Term Paper

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Domestic and International Terrorists

This paper presents a discussion about domestic terrorism. The writer explores similarities to international terrorist groups, how the Internet serves their purpose and other elements of their existence.

The events of 9-11 brought home the reality of what terrorist groups are capable of. With an hour long reign of terror and violence in New York City, Americans learned how cold and calculating the plans of terrorist groups can be. In the aftermath of 9-11 Americans clung together in their belief that only an international group would consider committing acts of terror, however, if one examines the current events of recent history one will find that terrorist groups have been a part of American society for many years.

There are many domestic terrorist groups within the U.S. And those groups have rallied against everything from abortion clinics to animal rights. They have resorted to acts of violence including murder, bombings and maiming of innocent victims, all in the name of their cause.

Today, domestic terrorist groups have the Internet with which to build their cause and in many ways they are developing common characteristics with the international groups that America is so afraid of dealing with (Domestic terrorist groups (

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The 20th century held new hopes for a more civilized world. However the truth of the matter is that the 20th century brought not only the same old barbarism as the 19th century, but also tainted the hopes and promise of new sciences by subverting these new hopes into horrendous new weapons and ways to maim and kill (Domestic terrorist groups ("

With the chaos and calamity there has been a new form of terrorism that brings with it all of the elements of past terrorist acts and added the technological advances of the present.

If one examines forms of past governments world wide and domestically one will see that terrorism has been used by government agencies since the beginning of time to force people to behave in a certain manner.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Domestic and International Terrorists This Paper Presents Assignment

One example is the historically accepted public beheadings that were performed at the word of a duke, king or other official. These public displays of violence were guaranteed to bring about change and quiet even the most rebellious residents in the area (Domestic terrorist groups (

It shouldn't be a wonder that terrorist groups believe they can achieve their objectives by acts of terrorism when governments and monarchies have used the tactic throughout history. The surprising element about current terrorist groups however, is their willingness to harm and kill innocent bystanders in their effort to get their message to the government.

However, as we mentioned the twentieth century terrorist HAS kept a pace with the science of war and as such as become quite the connoisseur of terror. One only has to think of the AUM group in Japan and their use of a chemical weapon against an unwitting public to understand the kind of terror a modern terrorist can deliver (Domestic terrorist groups ("

In the study of domestic terrorist groups one must remember that they fall into two distinct categories. The first group is comprised of Americans who want to make changes and have resorted to terrorist tactics to try and affect those changes. Some examples of these types of domestic groups would include animal rights activities, those against abortion clinics and certain anti-government groups.

The second group is the group that resides in America but actually has ties outside of the U.S. And works to achieve that group's goals from inside this nation.

Both groups are scary, both groups can be violent and both groups are under constant surveillance by the United States government.

Domestic Terrorism is the actions by persons seeking to persuade or dissuade the government or people of their home country using violent means that intend to frighten or coerce, ranging from threats to outright acts of violence such as kidnapping, beatings, or murder (Domestic terrorist groups ("

Using that definition Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist.

When one begins to examine the various domestic terror groups one can begin to see a similarity between some of their beliefs and causes and those of international groups.

One of the most common elements that domestic and international groups share is the anger at the current government, and the taxes and the perceived oppression (domestic terrorists and internet (Accessed 4-18-07) (

One only has to look as far as the Waco Compound and David Koresh, the leader of that compound to see how domestic terrorists and international terrorists share commonalities (Domestic terrorist groups (

Freedom, repression, taxation -- all terms from our own countries early history of revolution. And of course that matches many of the International Terrorist rhetoric as well. Clearly, the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April on the anniversary of the "Waco Massacre" as McViegh's friends like to call it, was not because McVeigh got a parking ticket or was unhappy about some war overseas. This was clearly an action to punish a government and to make his cause visible to not only the citizens of his country but to the entire world (Domestic terrorist groups ("

The Internet has played a significant role in the ability for domestic terrorist groups to connect, design and build their forces. With the Internet members of groups around the nation can discuss coming events, planned attacks and examine international groups to use them as a blueprint for building their own organization.

While the Internet is watched by government officials many domestic groups have been reported to communicate in code, thereby thwarting the efforts of the government to maintain surveillance on those groups, at least for awhile. Once they are discovered it doesn't take much for them to reorganize elsewhere on the web.

The newer domestic terrorist are militant anti-abortion activists, animal rights activists, environmental activists, or just plain right wing anti-government reactionaries. Three of the four are obvious extensions of the 60s and 70s, with liberal viewpoints boiling over into violence that even the most liberal activist shuns at. Again, like in the 1960s, they seem to be receiving more than adequate funding and protection from those who sympathize with their ideals, if not their actions (Domestic terrorist groups ("

The Internet can also provide instructions on how to build bombs, plan attacks and commit other acts of terror. The Internet allows the synchronizing of times so that it can be done in an organized and methodical fashion.

While the Internet has provided many revolutionized abilities to mankind in a positive light, it has also created an ability for both international and domestic terrorist groups to become much more dangerous.

Another way that the domestic groups are becoming more like the international groups is in teaching the individual members they must stand alone when the time comes to act.

Several decades ago hippie backed groups would stand together as one as they rushed the animal testing labs. Today, when a domestic terrorist group member sets off bombs it is done alone and he or she faces the consequences alone without divulging the group that he or she is aligned with.

Many of the Domestic Terrorist organizations have taught their members to leave the organization when they are ready to begin their preparations, sometimes for years in order to diffuse the connection. This is actually spelled out in the works of one radical who has been writing for decades (Domestic terrorist groups ("

Law enforcement should be able to monitor the Internet activities of domestic and international terrorist groups within reason. Removing all rights to privacy in the name of the greater good will not be effective however, because the groups will simply stop using the Internet, and the only people being monitored will be those who are not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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