Term Paper: Domestic Violence &amp Alcohol Role

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[. . .] Stuart, et al. performed the study for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of treatment in those cases involving domestic violence and used the following process in their method of studying domestic violence and alcoholism.

"Alcohol use, marital violence, psychological abuse, and marital satisfaction among 24 heterosexual male patients and their partners was assessed. Patients received 5 to 6 days of substance abuse treatment in a partial hospital. Patient and partner assessments were conducted at baseline and 6- and 12-month follow-up'


The findings in this study were that the treatment results in "decreased alcohol use in patients and significant declines in husband-to-wife marital violence and psychological abuse." While men "reported no significant changes in their marital satisfaction" the opposite was true for the female partners.


There are 25 women beaten for every one hour in the day according to statistics. Other statistics state that a woman is beaten every nine seconds which is 400 beaten women for each one hour segment of each day by her life "partner." The reported study concluded with the statement that: Overall, the study suggests that:

"Marital violence perpetrated by male patients and their partners declined following the males' substance abuse treatment. "

It is always advisable to seek counseling, and if no progress can be compelled from the abuser to take a stance of safety first. The children are victims and the non-abuser must allow cognition to rule the processes of thinking. Alcoholism and domestic violence are a deadly combination within a marriage.


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Evidence that Treatment is Often Effective

Jennison &… [END OF PREVIEW]

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