Domestic Violence Does Not Depend on Social Research Proposal

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Domestic violence does not depend on social status, gender, age, education or age. It is a public enemy that works mostly behind closed doors and curtains and is less likely than any other crime to be exposed as such by the victim or victims. In the field of domestic violence, Texas is surpassed only by California in the number of reported abused family members.

Generally, a person who is well informed is less likely to fall the victim of abuses of any kind. but, domestic violence deals with more than just on e level in a person's character. The emotional side involved is strongly influences a victim of domestic violence decision to expose the abuser. Furthermore, when the victim is underage, the ability to decide what is right or wrong is less developed, making the child or teenager even more exposed to continual abuse at home.

Women's shelters are an efficient way of offering an abused woman and her children a temporary solution in the case they were abused at home. Bat Area Turning Point in Webster Texas is an organization that offers shelter for abuse women and their families. As the organization advertizes on its website, it offers "recovery solutions" as well as "violence prevention strategies." Although the intervention in crisis and the help of those who are suffering from abuse at home are crucial, the prevention part appears to be the most important aspect in the efforts made by such organizations. Statistical data shows that "1,130,164 Texas women were battered in 2008"(Texas Health and Human Services Commission, report 2008) alone and further more, "more than 1,303 Texas women were killed by an intimate partner from 1998-2008"(idem).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Domestic Violence Does Not Depend on Social Assignment

According to statistics, the efforts made during the last ten years in the direction of prevention of domestic abuse in Texas bore no significant results. The numbers of the yearly abused victims are slowly, but steadily increasing. Plus, the numbers of murder cases in situation of domestic violence are also increasing every… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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