Domestic Violence Happen? Attitudes and Explanations Literature Review

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¶ … domestic violence happen? Attitudes and Explanations

This "chapter is concerned with how explanations of domestic violence relate to the way in which different agencies approach it" (Hague and Malos, p. 52). It describes attitudes and explanations in several different categories. These include traditional attitudes, individual pathological models of explanation, cycles of violence, biological explanations, socio-structural explanations, moralist explanations, and feminist explanations (Hague and Malos, pp. 52-63). After descriptions of these categories, it concludes with the typical responses to domestic violence as a result of these attitudes and explanations (Hague and Malos, pp. 62-63).

'Traditional attitudes have held that domestic violence is a private affair between the husband and the wife and that no one should interfere unless it's constant and there is serious and visible injury to the woman or the child' (Hague and Malos, pp. 52-54). The historical reaction has been to excuse the violence and blame the victim (Hague and Malos, pp. 52-54). This probably stems from women being treated as chattel until relatively recently (Hague and Malos, pp. 52-54).

One explanation of domestic violence is 'based on the idea that the violent individual suffers from a pathological condition which leads to deviance in a violent form' (Hague and Malos, pp. 54-55). It further tends to blame the victim, as it describes the woman as colluding in the violence because they have somehow failed to work through "issues" (Hague and Malos, pp. 54-55). Thus, it is also referred to as an "abusive family" (Hague and Malos, pp. 54-55).

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Another explanation is that domestic violence is a "cycle of violence" (Hague and Malos, pp. 55-56). This explanation holds that children merely copy behavior that they witness while growing up in their own adulthood, thus creating a "cycle of violence" (Hague and Malos, pp. 55-56). This explanation fails to explain the fact that 80% of abused children do not become abusers (Hague and Malos, pp. 55-56).

TOPIC: Literature Review on Domestic Violence Happen? Attitudes and Explanations This Assignment

Biological explanations are also made for domestic violence (Hague and Malos, pp. 56-57). These include biochemical and genetic explanations (Hague and Malos, pp. 56-57). The example given is that men are violent or aggressive due to testosterone (Hague and Malos, pp. 56-57).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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