Domestic Violence a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated Thesis

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Domestic Violence, a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated

Domestic violence refers to the physical abuse or violence directed to a domestic partner or a spouse; it is the behavior pattern in a close relationship employed to uphold or gain control and power over an intimate partner. Domestic violence holds several severe impacts to the society. The establishment of social service agencies and domestic violence courts has trigged increased awareness of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence, more than ever before increasingly report cases of domestic violence in a bid to get social services and support from agencies dealing with this type of social problem. The increased number of reported domestic violence cases has made it appear as though the statistics are overly exaggerated, but they are not. As a result, domestic violence is real social issue, and not exaggerated. This paper, therefore argues that domestic violence is a real problem that can be solved through several perspectives with a solution-based approach being the most feasible approach to the problem.

Domestic Violence, a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated

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Domestic violence is a serious social problem that affects offenders, victims, witnesses of domestic violence and the entire society. Domestic violence holds health, social and economic impacts to the victims and the society. It entails violent confrontation amid household or family members. Abuse is emotional, physical, psychological or economic actions or action risks that affect another person. This involves any conduct that intimidates, manipulates, humiliates, injures, blames, wounds, terrorizes, hurts or frightens someone. Domestic violence occurs to anyone of age, race, religion and sexual orientation. It occurs to married couples, dating couples or couples that are living together.

TOPIC: Thesis on Domestic Violence a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated Assignment

Domestic violence is one of the most intricate social problems in the contemporary world. There is constant polemical, intense and emotional debate concerning how to put an end to domestic problem. More importantly, endless subsidiary debates have been held regarding the substance and sum of domestic violence. Scores of commentators deem that domestic violence is not as momentous as feminists contend. Commentators also assert scores of women's advocate intentionally manipulate and exaggerate data to satisfy their own agenda. Others assert that domestic violence is real and staid that can lead to permanent injuries and even death (Harne and Radford 3). This contention leaves many people with the question whether domestic Violence, is a real issue or is overly exaggerated?


Organized community responses to domestic violence have continued to develop since 1990s. Scores of communities move beyond working with individual agencies to react to domestic violence in a more comprehensive and coordinated manner. The efforts entail coordination among agencies within and among the criminal justice system, health care providers, domestic violence service providers, substance abuse services, and business, clergy and child welfare agencies. Education and prevention efforts in the community as well form part of the effort of addressing domestic problem (Wies and Haldane 108). The establishment of social services for domestic violence victims prompts increased awareness of domestic violence. Training and screening programs in organizations handling domestic violence issues have increased given the divergent human service areas, particularly health facilities and welfare offices, which have been selected as significant potential referral sources.

Some organizations train their frontline employees on the dynamics of domestic violence, the obstacles that victims of domestic violence encounter, and available services. These organizations also teach their staff how to identify victims and provide suitable services to victims when they come into the conventional social service agencies for help (Wies and Haldane 108). Domestic violence victims receive referrals to available services through the mainstream social services systems that they contact. Pollock, an author, asserts that in the similar manner that drug courts draw off drug offenders for specialized prosecution besides seeking to break the drug dependence cycle, domestic violence courts perform the same with perpetrators of domestic violence (Pollock 181).

Pollock also confirms that domestic violence entails assaults that take place between intimates, familial, parent-child, spousal, husband-wife, or between boyfriend and girlfriend or same sex partners (Pollock 181). The establishment of domestic violence courts besides other agencies has grown because of the developing awareness of the problem of domestic violence and reaction of the court systems to domestic violence. Mandatory arrest polices, for instance, have triggered a rise in prosecutions for domestic offenders.

The momentum for domestic violence courts and other coordinating agencies are resultant of Violence Against Women Act (Wies and Haldane 108). The increase in domestic violence courts and other social agencies increases awareness of domestic violence. More increase in awareness programs has enlightened domestic violence victims. As a result, accessibility of social services, increased awareness of domestic violence, and its effects as well as the willingness of victims, particularly women to use the available social services, have instigated a rise in statistics of domestic violence due to increased reporting. Provision of important and accessible social services augments the number of domestic violence cases reported. Therefore, domestic violence is a real social problem and it is not overly exaggerated.

Background Information

More than any other modern social problem, domestic violence challenges the scruples of the public, and there are no easy solutions. Scores of families continue to live in the shadow of the dark world of domestic violence, while children replicates the conducts of abusive adults. According to Davis, an author, people must recognize that domestic violence is more prevalent than all other types of violence combined (28). Reports from the Federal Bureau of statistics and Bureau of Justices Statistics indicate that homes have become risky places to be in. Perpetrators of domestic violence and people who have the potential to kill are not strangers (Davis 28). Those who claim love, even as they murder and abuse are girlfriends, lovers, husbands, fathers, mothers, wives and boyfriends.

Good examples of domestic violence perpetrated by those who claim to love include the appalling case of Amy Emily Annamunthodo killed by her father in full knowledge of her mother. Amy was a four-year-old girl from Trinidad and Tobago who was raped, sodomized and beaten to death by her alleged father, Marlon King. She died in may, 2006 while Laci Peterson, an American female was murdered in December 2002 by her husband Scott Peterson when she pregnant with her first child. The killers of Amy and Laci were not strangers, but people who claimed to love them. The tragic stories of abuse and beatings are not witnessed in television or in the streets, they happen right in homes between parents, and between parents and their children. Police officers and other legal agencies are expected to resolve family disputes given the prevalence of domestic violence. Given the shifts in statutes and policies due to increased cases of domestic violence, more arrests linked to domestic violence are made now more than ever before.

However, some commentators assume that domestic violence advocates exaggerate statistics to portray the society as a violent patriarchy in which females do their male counterparts continuously assault, and that the major risk to women is the males in their own lives (Davis 28). They also believe that numbers are exaggerated to serve as an ideological schema and enhance strategies that form a virtual presupposition of guilt in cases of domestic abuse (Forum 93). However, domestic violence and the increased level of violence involving both genders, given that men are also victims of domestic abuse, must be addressed . This is because domestic violence is a critical problem affecting not only an individual but also the entire society. Moreover, domestic violence does not only cause physical injuries, but also causes psychological and emotional harm. Failure to address domestic violence will instigate major problems and even more deaths in the society. Domestic violence is not exaggerated, but is a critical social problem that affects individuals, children and entire society.

Domestic violence is a social problem that affects every aspect of the society. While systems reactions are principally directed to the victims, augmented attention is also directed on the witnesses of domestic abuse who are children. It is estimated that between ten and twenty percent of children are at danger of increased disclosure to domestic violence. Moreover, children exposed to domestic hostility are at danger of facing neglect and abuse (Day 116) . Domestic violence leads to social, health and economical issues. Adults and children who experience domestic violence are at augmented risk of disclosure to traumatic occurrences, neglect, health issues and even death. These upshots instigate negative effects to children and may compromise their stability, safety and well-being. People exposed to domestic suffer from social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, attitudinal and long-term problems.

Notwithstanding the great development that has been made in the contemporary world, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women. Over five million incidents take place on yearly basis. In America, sexual or domestic violence constantly hold serious economic upshots, costing businesses between three and five billion dollars each year in lost of productivity. According to Congress, the SAFE Act supports victims in escaping risky situations and curbs abuse from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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