Dominant Hemispheres Term Paper

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[. . .] Since I am very organized, detail-oriented and an extreme perfectionist, I believe that I am left sided dominant. The left side processes information in a linear manner, from part to whole, by taking pieces, lining them up and arranging them in a logical order, then drawing a conclusion (Left pp). Moreover, the left brain processes in sequence, thus these individuals are list makers, and enjoy making master schedules and daily planning (Left pp). As left sided dominant individuals complete a task, they take great pleasure in checking them off the list when the tasks have been accomplished (Left pp). And because these individuals learn in sequence, most of them are good spellers, and are good at math (Left pp). The left brain processes symbols easily, and since many academic pursuits deal with symbols, such as letter, words, and mathematical notations, left brained people tend to be comfortable with linguistic and mathematical endeavors, and have no trouble memorizing vocabulary words or math formulas (Left pp).

Furthermore, the left side of the brain deals with reality, with the way things really are, thus when left brain students are affected by the environment, they simply adjust to it (Left pp). These individuals want to know the rules so that they can follow them (Left pp). In fact, if there are no rules for a given situation, they will most likely make up some rules in order to follow them (Left pp). Because they insist on rules, then they are aware of the consequences for not following them, such as not turning in a paper on time or failing a test, therefore left brained students are seldom late with papers or fail tests (Left pp).

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