Dominican Culture Term Paper

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Generally at the top of the social class spectrum are Caucasians with European backgrounds; those at the bottom are generally black, poor and usually decedents of slaves or recent arrivals from Haiti (Kryzanek & Wiarda, 1992).

Much of the middle class of the population comes from a mulatto background (Kryzanek & Wiarda, 1992). Almost 80% of the population lives in poverty (Kryzanek & Wiarda, 1992). This is most evident in cities where poor neighborhoods are evident filled with "naked children, malnutrition, and the unemployed and open sewers" (Kryzanek & Wiarda, 1992, p. 60).

At the heart of traditional Dominican culture is music, dance and art, which reflect a variety of different cultures that have influenced the area over time (Lonely Planet, 2004). Among the more popular forms of music and dance is the meringue, followed by the bachata which is a kind of Dominican country music (Lonely Planet, 2004).

Though Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Language, other languages are spoken frequently including English and some French Dialects (Brown & Standish, 1999).

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Within the Dominican Republic primary education is compulsory up to six grades, though generally only 17% of schools in rural areas offer all these grades (U.S.L.C., 2004). Generally the enrollment is low and drop out rate high, in part because poor students generally are required to purchase their own textbooks (U.S.L.C., 2004). Despite this strides have been made to engage more students in higher education and learning and a number of collegiate level institutions have recently opened in the country (U.S.L.C., 2004).

Term Paper on Dominican Culture: An Overview the Assignment

The Dominican Republic is characterized by a rich culture infused with many different Haitian, Indian and Spanish influences. Though a majority of the population is poor, the culture is rich with tradition and heritage, much like any other place. Mealtimes take on special significance, particularly lunchtime where family members of all ages gather for an extended period of time to converse about their day and their experiences. Visitors coming to the country are most likely to make note of the rich artistic, musical and architectural heritage, which is very influenced by Spanish design and native Indian customs among others.


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