Don Quixote in Literature Essay

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[. . .] And, other times, people let literature empower them to live better lives. For example, in the article, "Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication," it discusses that people mistakenly believe their loved ones understand them better than anyone else. In truth, people have a harder time communicating with their loved ones than they do strangers. I read this article and empowered me because my husband and I have trouble communicating because he does not listen very well and I grow impatient with that. I want to be able effectively communicate with him so that he will listen and not twist things around. I tell myself to keep communicating short and to the point so he will focus more on what I am saying more rather than just hearing noise. Normally, I do not have trouble communicating with anyone else except for my mother, which is another loved one. She likes to talk over people especially me. However, through this article, it empowered me to change communication skills. Sometimes, by my husband not listening to what I am saying, it causes a big fight because he spends too much money and overdraws the checking account or I tell him that there is very little money in the bank and he has our five-year ask me if we can get McDonald's. Over the years, I have grown short tempered with him because of these poor communication skills. Furthermore, in a sense, we both want to be heard and understood as it has been shown in our text.

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"One of the most obvious benefits of human communication is that it allows people to share thoughts, feelings, experiences, and views of the world. When you do so, you share the meaning they have for you, and you connect with others. A prominent early 20th century British psychologist named Frederic Bartlett (1932) believed that people are motivated by what he called "effort after meaning" (p. 20), a fundamental need to understand reality and the world around them. This meaning and shared view of reality is achieved through communication" (Sole 2011).

Essay on Don Quixote in Literature, the Assignment

In order to fix this communication issue with my husband, I have tried to talking calmly with him. Furthermore, I have shown him the bank statement so that he could see for himself how much money we have. I have told him not to involve our five-year-old in arguments because it makes things worse. In the article, it shows the communication issue that I have with my husband is common.

"We know that literacy leads to empowerment, especially for women, whether in 19th-century Britain, contemporary America, or in developing countries today. The stats are clear: Give a girl an education, and she'll save the world. Sharing engaging and inspiring stories of girls who defy expectations and live happily ever after is a powerful way to encourage them to break the rules, embrace their power, and seek happiness -- but only if those stories are celebrated, not scorned" (Rodale).

Through literature, people, like who are the character, Don Quixote want escape their reality and be something they cannot be in real life. Sometimes literature empowers people to do better or live better. However, if they want to escape from reality, they can read books such as Treasure Island, Little Women and Animal Farm or any other story that may appeal to them, like the stories that appealed to Don Quixote.

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