Term Paper: Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlow

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[. . .] Faustus takes the audience through his agonizing last hour with him, noting when his last hour on Earth is half up, and then tries a new interpretation of time, redefining eternity to something more in his favor. He wants to negotiate with God to shorten his sentence to a thousand, or a hundred thousands years. He realizes far to late the enormity of eternity.

In this scene we see that Faustus has never really understood time. Living only for the moment, he seemed to think he could play with his powers today and get down to serious work tomorrow. Faustus wanted to be remembered for all time as a learned man, and does not seem to realize, even at the end, that he has squandered his 24 years. He will be remembered for a short time as a source of amusement by people who are easily amused, not for his achievements.

Although desperate for a way out of his destiny in the last hour of his life, however, he still cannot focus on a plan of action. He didn't understand a span of 24 years, but he understands one hour all too well. Perhaps he believes he is not worthy for God's last-second redemption, but he appeals to God and Lucifer in the same sentence. That puts appeals to both very close together in time and shows that even as he faces eternity in Hades, he is still ambivalent about whether he wants to repent or not.

All Faustus can do in the last hour of his life is watch the time left to him slip away, just as he…

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