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3. Agree or disagree that Lady Gregory was more successful at writing farce (Spreading the News) than at serious drama (The Rising of the Moon).

A successful play is one that withstands the test of time and place, and although "The Rising of the Moon" is a good play, I would have to agree Lady Gregory was more successful in writing farce than serious drama. Gregory's play "Spreading the News" is more entertaining than "The Rising of the Moon." "Spreading the News" is a highly amusing, but utterly improbable farce that Gregory executed quite successfully. Although most readers do not live in Ireland or under British law, most can still relate to the speeches in the play. When the Magistrate stops at Mrs. Tarpey's apple-cart to question her about the business of the fair, she answers with the telling comment, "What business would the people here have but to be minding each other's business?" (Gregory 41). This response foreshadows the primary action of the play, which revolves around a single misunderstood remark that spirals out of control. This type of misunderstanding is universal. Gossip is a problem in any community, and this play explores the dangers in it. By conveying a serious message through a farcical play, Lady Gregory displays her true talent.

4. If literature is "always one man's vision of the world" (Yeats, p. 389) what is Synge's vision of the world in Riders to the Sea?Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Drama Is the Importance of Assignment

"Riders to the Sea" sums up the constant struggle of the islanders against their enemy, the sea. Maurya's grief over the loss
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