Drama Scripts Term Paper

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Drama Scripts


Cast of Characters:

Mark -- tall, medium-built, grey eyes, with a shock of black hair, quick, boyish charms

tall, thin, brown eyes, short black hair, aggressive, energetic

Karen -- slim, long-haired brunette, black eyes, sweet-tempered

Silent Girl -- petite, heart-shaped face, blond, blue eyes, attentive and consoling

Living Room set-up, one long couch with two soft chairs, coffee table, fireplace with various family photos, warm, homey feel. All the characters are situated inside, two sitting, two standing.

Act 1, Scene

IAN (pacing around the room, clearly agitated): It was not supposed to happen this way! (fists opening and closing) I never should have asked her to come along.

KAREN (sitting, hands on her lap, staring ahead, as if in a dazed): She wanted to come with us, she said she may never have another chance

IAN (bursting with fury): Yeah? Well I should have known better! She's my wife! I know she can't take the strain of a road trip! She's too weak!

MARK (walking over to IAN and attempts to pacify him): Ian, we all wanted her to come. She needed the fresh air, the change of scene. She wanted to be free of the four walls of her hospital bed.

SILENT GIRL (nods her head in assent, moves closer to KAREN to put her arms around her)

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IAN (turning towards MARK): What do you know? Were you there when she was crying in pain? Begging for her morphine shot? Asking God to just end it all for her? Did you hear her scream? (faces SILENT GIRL in anguish) She wouldn't even let me hug her, God damn it!

KAREN (crying): She hid it from us for so long; there was nothing more anyone could do to help her.

MARK (smiling bitterly): She was always good at keeping secrets

Stage turns dark. IAN and KAREN exits Stage Left.

Act 1, Scene 2

Term Paper on Drama Scripts Assignment

Stage lights on MARK (Facing SILENT GIRL): I love her. I have always loved her. Why did she marry Ian? He does not take care of her. How could he have ignored her migraines, sleeplessness, loss of appetite? He's always at the office. Working. Rising to the top… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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