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¶ … Tourism Industry is attracting more attention by nations across the world, as in Australia, as a sustainable source of income. This is due in part to the fact that there is more global connectedness, and a larger global population that is in a better economic position to travel abroad and know the world. In coastal regions where industries are difficult to built and sustain, cities have started evolving as tourist attractions. There has been a lot of research activity in the academic domain addressing the specific domains of differentiation, travel destination, image building, and potential economic impact of tourism on the overall economic structure and movement of such centers (Fredline, 2002).

Even as the tangible effects of tourism are being explored with greater intensity, a lot remains to be done to study the impact on the not-so-apparent, intangible social and environmental effects. As has been observed with other industries, tourism needs to be sustainable. Towards that end, all impacts need to be studied with emphasis on all potential aspects that affect it and vice-versa. Respective governments have a large and conscientious role to play in this area. They need to pay heed to the fact that all constituents related to this industry have a healthy relationship amongst themselves as with other all related constituents.

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Indeed, the Globe 1990 Vancouver, Canada conference agreed that tourism should address the basic needs of the local populace, meet the inter-generational transience equitably, be alert concerning environmental consequences and seek to ensure its sustainability (Fredline, 2002). In practice, this transforms into securing a positive impact for the hosts of the tourist spots. Ignoring the effects of tourism on locals could potentially lead to hostility towards tourists, and antagonism towards the visitors that would render the whole concept of tourism unsustainable. Research has shown that such a concern is factually based. Certain tourist spots have been sustained through longer periods of time where the local hosts have benefited and hence responded positively, whereas, the exact opposite has also been observed when 'locals' were less out-going and friendly (Fredline, 2002). .

TOPIC: Essay on Dream World Assignment

The Gold Coast (south of Brisbane, Queensland) in Australia is a major tourist area that boasts of a 40-km long beach. The economy of the Gold Coast is based mainly on tourism, in contrast to other major Australian cities. A local population of about 400,000 played host to about 10 million tourists as reported as long ago as 2002-2003. The figures have been growing incrementally since the '80's when the visitors numbered 3 million per annum (Lawton, 2005) and about 7 million annually in the '90's. A study carried out among Gold Coast residents reveals the fact that in general, the residents welcome the huge tourist inflow, and that it has a positive economic effect on their livelihood. The beach is lined with structures and infrastructure to support tourism related activities - shopping malls, hotels, theme parks, and the like. Recent residents have a more positive view about Gold Coast tourism than do longer-term residents. The opinions of the local population are not unanimous about the positive effect of tourism, especially with respect to the environmental and social impact on the Gold Coast area (Lawton, 2005). As a matter of fact, about 100 individuals protested the perceived threat to the environment in the 1990's. Recently, the proposed cable-way joining the coast with the forest-covered mountains in the hinterland had to be shelved owing to pressure from environmentalists (Lawton, 2005).

Part B: Delivering on Dream

The biggest theme park in Australia, Dreamland, has on offer about 50 different rides that cater to all age groups -- from adventurists and thrill-seekers right down to toddlers. Dreamland boasts of the BIG 9-rides, which now includes the 'Tail Spin' with controls in the riders' hands. The exotic and different 'land themes' include Wiggles World, Kung Fu Panda land of Awesomeness, Madagascar Madness Shrek's Faire Away, and others. Families can also enjoy live shows and other entertainment items put on by skilled artists that are a veritable mixture of amazement, thrill and fun. There is a leisurely walk back into the past, too with the classical rides in Rocky Hollow Log Ride, the Thunder River Rapids, and the AVIS Vintage Cars. The Zoo section allows one to savor the majesty of the Royal Bengal and Sumatran tigers. The big cats enthrall the senses in their carefree environment and Nature's work is in full display. The local wildlife is only one of many offerings at Dreamworld Corroboree (visitgoldcoast.com, 2015) .

The rides in Dreamworld are 'a dream comes true' in a very real sense. Nick Central, Wiggles World, Tiger Island, and the Australian Wildlife Experience have become prime destinations for tourists visiting Australia. Dreamland, owned by Macquaire Leisure Trust, is a growing tourist center that offers the most vibrant experience in the tourism map of Australia, with windows for education and business in addition to leisure and recreation. Thus, Dreamland makes Queensland the Australian destination to seek out for those interested in thrills and exciting experiences, as well as interactive classroom experiences, or even event management venues for the elite business class. Dreamland also houses a zoo and assorted wildlife sanctuary, multimedia production and broadcast centre.

One of the keys of Dreamland's continued growth, success, and vibrancy is its well-articulated consideration of Nature and environment. Dreamland makes the best of both worlds by managing the natural resources efficiently, productively and pragmatically. Dreamworld follows the principles enunciated in the Queensland Environmental Act in both letter and spirit. The Vision, Mission and Values of the theme park and associated activities are enumerated in the policies of Dreamworld's Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

Highlights about Dreamworld

• The better part of the foliage Dreamworld's gardens consist of perennial plants that require less care and watering, thus saving on water.

• Innovative experiments such as watering at night and longer grass cutting (to reduce surface evaporation) are being used towards water conservation efforts.

• To reduce further wastage of water, running water from hoses is avoided for cleaning purposes. Mops and buckets are used instead.

• Automation is used wherever possible to avoid running taps or water wastage.

• The enclosures for animals are cleaned with environmentally better substrates; minimal use of water is the norm in Gold Coast.

• Water closets and bathroom toilets now incorporate waterless techniques; the savings in water amount to nearly 20 kiloliters per day on an average.

• There is a continuous check on water quality to assess the usability of local water resources.

• Dreamworld is in contact with Gold Coast Water and reviews its conservation efforts.

• The staff is instructed to read posters emphasizing the importance of water conservation; these are pasted in all backrooms and staff-only locations.

• Gold Coast Water aims to educate and encourage its visitors about the importance of water conservation.

Additional Facilities

The Standalone Park, White Water World, has been developed with an investment of approximately 56 million dollars by the Macquarie Leisure Trust (MLT). This opens an entirely new vista for water enthusiasts traveling to Gold Coast for leisure and thrill. The park has incorporated the latest standards available for water conservation (WSAA, 2009) in line with its policy for sustainable development. The strict adherence to latest water conservation policies worldwide has earned it recognition from the Water Technology International, in addition to the national Environmental Resources Management Australia. Ninety-nine percent of its used water is circulated back into use through efficient filtration processes, saving the precious water supply; planning is underway to incorporate such measures in other utilities as well (WSAA, 2009).


In addition to the leisurely rides, both easy-going as well as the fast ones, the more adventurous can seek out the Scream-Park that operates later into the evening. The Tower of Terror, as the name suggests, turns your knuckles white; the heart-stopping roller coaster bike are sure to set the pulse rates shooting up. Turn to the Giant Drop to feel the pit in your stomach as you race down 120 meters at breakneck speed (Brooks, 2015).

Specialized events on the eve of the New Year and on Summer holidays are a special treat, with well thought out items like parties, an MTV stunt show, and the thrill of virtual V8 experiences for speed car enthusiasts.

The wildlife ensemble at Gold Coast allows visitors to cuddle Koalas, shear sheep, and have a close look at Cacadu crocodiles (Brooks, 2015).

Recommendations for Improvement

1 - Replacement of the Mine Ride

2 - Cleaning the river

3 - Repair and maintenance of the paddleboat

4 - New show for paddleboat

5 - Removal of the Motor coaster

6 - Redesign and build new and/or additional vintage cars in old Motor coaster spot with better theme design

7 - The Motor coaster should include the train theme, too

8 - Removal of "Dreamworld Studios"

9 - The Train Track need not go around the Blue Lagoon; there should be a dedicated repairs and maintenance workshop for the trains.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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