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However, the research also demonstrates that people that have longer intervals of their REM sleep are generally those who experience distress and anxiety during their wake time. Due to their emotional instability, they tend to have more intense dreams during their REM sleep till the time their brains get completely exhausted that eventually results in their distressed behaviors (Pagel 2008).

While looking at the affect of lack of dreaming from various studies, it has also been analyzed that REM sleep and dreaming has a strong affect on learning and memory consolidation to a great extent because the lack of REM sleep damage and worsen these body and mind functions. This is particularly due to the reason that when an individual lacks in REM sleep, he tends to lose his focus, attention, and vigilance drift that results in difficulty and trouble to collect and retrieve the information that one has leaned during the day (Harvard Medical School 2007).

Both mind and body are exhausted that leads to poor functioning and interpretation of information and events. Planning, accessing the situations, having an appropriate behavior, productivity and overall performance are also affected if a person deprives in his REM sleep and dreaming process (Harvard Medical School 2007).

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Since the muscles are not relaxed, hence the body organ systems are not even harmonized. Furthermore, the poor learning process amongst the people has been observed because the moods that are negatively affected due to the lack of REM sleep and dreaming, which consolidates the learned information. While on the other hand, the person that undergoes the process of dreaming in the REM sleep has demonstrated to produce high level of mental activity that intensifies during dreaming (Harvard Medical School 2007).

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REM sleep deprivation and lack of dreaming has become one of the widespread experiences by numerous people in the today's world of intense competition. In this regard, numerous researches have been carried out that has highlighted the importance and effect of deprived dreaming and REM sleep for the overall body and mind functioning. One of the extensive researches has brought the fact to surface that verbal learning and math problems is an imperative aspect that has witnessed minimum or no activity amongst the people that are lacking in their REM sleep (Lippman 2003).

Verbal learning and math related problems have proved that the brain and memory is extremely active when an individual is involved in this learning practice. Sleep and dream deprived people have demonstrated very low results and poor performances in experiments that engage verbal learning tests. Besides, people with deficient in REM sleep and dreaming work on math related problems but with a much lesser speed and accuracy in contrast to the people that are well-rested and have adequate amount of sleep and dream (Lippman 2003).

This is typically because the brains of sleep deprived people active to a very limited quantity. In addition, it has also been monitored that such people are not able to think, act and cope in a creative and imaginative manner and are likely to perform cyclical tasks. Complicated tasks are also not their choice of preference, which progressively reduces their overall efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, their behavioral patterns are also affected due to their dreams and sleep lacking as they tend to exhibit slow signs of response in voice and actions (Lippman 2003).

Several large-scale investigations that has been conducted on a nationwide basis has brought a fascinating fact to public attention that obesity, which is one of the severe problems of United States has a deep connection to the factor of sleeping and dreaming. This means that the results of the findings elucidates that REM sleep and dreaming deprivation intensely disturb, upset and disrupt the hormones that control the glucose level and appetite of a person (Coon & Mitterer 2008).

Additionally, the research has also presented with the fact that the issue of obesity and REM sleep deficiency has robustly been noticed amongst the young generation and middle-aged adults. Nevertheless, the studies have concluded that due to obesity, people confront physical uneasiness and discomfort that results in diminish likelihood of getting an appropriate REM sleep that leads a person to enter the dream phase. Therefore, this sleep deficit agitates the energy proteins and hormones consequential to unbalanced weight gain and obesity (Coon & Mitterer 2008).

Researches have indicated that lack of dreaming and REM sleep extensively causes the adverse emotional effects on the human beings, as it drives the person on the high risk with respect to his body functioning. The most fundamental emotional effect that has been highlighted in the study that is due to the lack of REM sleep and dreaming is irritability or bad temper. Bad temper gradually converts into mood swings that make the person to penetrate into the state of stress and depression (Russell 2004).

The most common and frequent outcome of such a condition is the creation and production of stress hormones that eventually increases the blood pressure. Higher blood pressure leads to several other diseases that can cause real harm and damage to the life of an individual that includes strokes and heart attacks. Moreover, the REM sleeping and dreaming process gets highly disturbed by the stress hormones that are created in the body. Additionally, this state of depression and stress progressively leads the person to suffer from various emotional and psychological disturbances such as hallucinations on a constant basis (Russell 2004).

Emotional disturbances are not the only adverse affects of lack of dreaming, but the people are also liable to encounter cognitive effects. The propensity increases for the person to suffer from loss of short-term memory, impairment of motor skills, and might even lose concentration level and focus (Russell 2004).

According to other various empirical investigations that has been conducted with animals that include cats, mice and rats, has brought the fact to limelight that hypersexual, hyper aggressive and augmented intracranial self-stimulation behavior are the major outcomes that have been witnessed amongst these animals, which has continued to exhibit REM deficiency. According to the study, prolonged sleep deprivation has resulted in increased intake of energy and food at the same time their weight has shown a decreasing pattern.

The overall findings of the numerous sources of researches and investigations evidently and noticeably elucidates the piece of information that dreaming and lack of dreaming has a direct correlation to the overall body functioning. The areas of brain used for learning and memory are largely stimulated by the REM sleep and dreaming, which enhances the performance of the individual. The sleep and dreaming phenomenon elevates the process of proteins fabrication that revives the brain functioning.

The dreams and REM sleeping phase is a gargantuan source of influence on the emotions, moods, behaviors and even decisions of the individuals performed in their daytime activities and lives. Since REM sleep and dreaming activates the brain and intellect to an extensive level, which consolidates all the information that an individual has learned during his day, thus it has been observed that the events and happenings leave radical impact on what a person dreams that ultimately affects the body functioning in both positive and negative manner.

While looking at the gloomy side of the dreaming that is deprived dreaming, the immune system of the individual is spoiled and weakened due to lack of REM sleep, as the essential blood cells are decreased that leads to the production of vital hormones as well as the sugar levels turns into unnecessary fats. Indeed, few of the common and frequent physiological effects of REM sleep deprivation and dreaming that has come to forefront through a number of studies includes muscles pains, headaches, loss of memory, depression, hallucination, bloodshot eyes, increased blood pressure, increased stress hormone levels, escalated risk for various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and mental illness; obesity, yawning and various others.

This is not the end, as brain and cognitive functions are also adversely affected by lack of dreaming and REM sleep. Dream and REM sleep deprivation has also been monitored to enhance the activities in the body and brain functioning that not only deeply controls the responses to stress but also standardize the body functions like digestion, immune system and mood swings.

The effects of dreaming on the overall body functioning is actually felt by the individual who is in the process of dreaming during his REM sleep in a very similar manner if the person would have experienced it in the real life. This phenomenon has been exposed through a number of studies. In conclusion, it can come to statement that dreams are the psychological experiences of the individuals that are designed and created by their mind and brains while they are asleep and the quality of sleep leads to what a person visualize in his dreams.

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