Dreamworld Analysis in Australia Essay

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¶ … Dreamworld

Investigation of Tourism Place

Description of XXX

Products and services iii. Sense of place

Access in xxx

Traveler behavior in xxx

Production of Promotional Material

Current Promotion Methods

Proposed Promotion Material

Reflection of Future Changes

Investigation of Tourism Place

Description of Dreamworld

Dreamworld in Queensland Australia is one of the few destinations in the world that offer a combination of 40 km long beach and a wide and rich variety of these-based joy-and-thrill rides and water games. As is highlighted in the official website of Dreamworld (2015d), it also offers the guests to have a closer, natural feel of the exotic assortment of wildlife experience. In fact, it houses one of the rarest majestic animals like the rare royal Bengal and Sumatran Asiatic Tiger reserve. The themed park has been set in a natural ambience overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean. It also offers its guests to have a look at the tribal, original communities and interact with them in their own natural habitat. (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015d)

ii. Products and Services

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The parks house a variety of rides, as is showcased on Dreamworld's Official Website (2015b), that cater to family, young and the more adventurous thrill seekers. The BIG9 houses some of the most adventurous rides innovated to break the limits of speed and the most exciting curves and spins on the move. Some of the most visited attractions comprise of Buzzsaw, Tower of Terror II, the claw, Pandamonium and the water-based thrills like the Motocoaster, and The Cyclone. (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015b)

iii. Sense of Place

TOPIC: Essay on Dreamworld Analysis in Australia Assignment

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (2015c) is conscious about its environment and mindful about the rising awareness about wildlife preservation and has made arrangements for the guests to interact freely and naturally with the Tigers in the Tiger Island. There is a Sunset Safari experience to be enjoyed during the evenings. The guests can experience the thrill of the giant Crocodiles and koalas and native wildlife in Dreamworld Corroboree while soaking in the lifestyle of the indigenous Aboriginal tribes. In order to make the experience more real guests are even allowed to shear sheep, too. The guests are offered the opportunity to contribute in preservation of wildlife through adoption and donations and (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015c).

The Dreamworld (2015a) is open for tourists and guests all round the year from 10 a.m. To 5:00 P.M. During the holidays it is open beyond these regular durations and arrangements are available for day tours and over-the-night experiences, too. (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015a)

Dreamworld (2015b) combines the meanings of leisure and entertainment with education. It tells us a lot about our inhibitions, our sense and limitations of thrill and adventure. At the same time it also offers us an insight into the native inhabitants that live on bare minimum. It allows us to stroll at a leisurely pace with the wildlife and enjoy their companionship. The experience is one of natural ambience and innermost feelings (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015b).

In Australia as in the entire developed and new economy states like China and Asian countries, the notion of connectedness is expressed through internet connectivity, Wi-Fi and devices like the mobiles, laptops and the computer, as highlighted on the DigitalBrisbane Official Website (2014). The guests and clients to tourist places find it more at home when in constant touch with the most current events, maps, schedules, costs and offers that they can avail. The cyclical client loop consists mainly of four points: starting from consider, evaluate, buy and enjoy and then advocate the product. Consider the fact that about 90% of the Australians search and find information on the websites (DigitalBrisbane, 2014). In consideration to its clients, Dreamworld offers free Wi-Fi connectivity in select areas for the tourists and guests.

The access to Dreamworld (2015b) is through all three major conveyances, road, train and by well connected flights. It is a twenty minutes drive from Surfers Paradise. One needs to reach the Pacific Highway and take the Exit 54 (Coomera exit), the Signange describes the exit explicitly. The Gold Coast airport to Dreamworld drive is only a half-an-hour drive. Dreamworld is at a 70 minute drive from the Brisbane Airport, and about the same time from Brisbane city. Those desirous of taking the bus do so from Brisbane and Dreamworld is a notified bus-stop on routes 720,TX1 and TX3. The train station leading to Dreamworld is from Coomera, which lies on the Gold Coast route of Brisbane and Robina stations (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015b).

Gold Coast Region map (Source: Gold Coast City Council [GCCC] 2011).

As most of the public transport conveyances in Australia offer easy access and facilities to those with disabilities, reaching Dreamworld (2015d) is not a problem for disabled guests. At Dreamworld itself, the design is such that the disabled can move freely without any hindrance and enjoy most of the rides when accompanied by a carer. Each ride has its own limitations and cautions displayed prominently to enable understand the regulations prior to embarking on a ride. Additionally service agents ensure that the rules are followed strictly to avoid untoward happenings (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015d).

Indeed, the perception of continuous pathway espoused by 'Easy Access Market' has been followed:

All tourists irrespective of age, sex, abilities and physical fitness prefer destinations that offer easy accessibility to the offerings according to the reports published by 'Tourism' in 2005. The main considerations therein are adequate and explicit signages, tactile floors and continuous movement ease with ramps instead of steps wherever possible ("Tourism,," 2005).

Prayag, Khoo-Latimore, & Sitruk (2015) assert that Dreamworld attracts tourists from all over the world as well as a larger proportion of local residents. The park attracts more of holiday tourists mainly from China, Japan, and neighboring countries and New Zealand from abroad and more daytrip and overnight visitors from nearby cities in Australia. Whereas the overseas' tourists account for about 750,000 visitors the inland visitors account for about 10.4 million visitors. The main flow of tourists is from those who have come to a holiday destination combining Gold Coast for its 40 km long pristine beaches as also the various themed parks and amusement centers. The Dreamworld manages events like parties and holiday events on occasions like New Years day and other national holidays. It takes up event management of birthday parties to make the guests feel at home (Prayag, Khoo-Latimore, & Sitruk, 2015.)

2. Production of Promotional Material

Colley (2014) writes that with an increasing number of (about 90%) smartphone users getting information from websites about products and destinations it is important to consider the fact that Dreamworld has apps on iTunes and Google play to advertise its products in addition to the conventional TV advertisement campaigns (in Australian channels) and You Tube infomercials. Adent Liesure incorporated Paul Young to translate the physical thrill and excitement of the gigantic drop into a digital experience. The various sites and media used were social apps, the regularly visited sites on the internet. The challenges, then, to build a cloud based app. That is how the message and marketing reaches the entire world. The penetration power is immense and can bring in more tangible results (Colley, 2014).

The promoters and designers at Dreamworld (2015d) have created a slew of digital advertisements since Young took over in 2008 and have transformed many of the physical experiences into the digital landscape. The results have shown in the form of recovery of sales that had gone down during the depression. One of the main attractions that the marketing strategy is about being able to visualize various rides and see live recordings of tourists enjoying the tourist attractions as in a movie. Secondly, the ticketing initiative helps clients access Dreamworld even prior to their arrival, which in turn helps them plan their itinerary. There are many other points of purchase that Dreamworld has arranged for the tourists both local as well as from abroad (Dreamworld Official Website, 2015d).

Zavattaro (2014) explains that in the present depiction, the pages are more or less static. The different themes, rides and possible experiences in wildlife, though are shown adequately, allowing for a comprehensive communication of enjoyment and leisure, which the Park offers. The sites could do with more human and personal touch by way of dynamic interactive displays, explains McKinsey & Company in "The consumer decision journey" (McKinsey & Company, n.d.), which is possible because of the cloud technology that had emerged lately. It should be the endeavor of the marketing team, Zavattaro (2014) says, to incorporate more dynamism so that the clients can imagine the 'differentiation' factor of Dreamworld as against other parks. (Zavattaro, 2014). Since parks and themes are places that are usually visited with families from overseas (this is one area, where Dreamworld lacks strength, as indicated by figures given earlier), as well as domestic clients, pictures involving families and even those with disabilities, aged and the like should have a place of prominence in the marketing material. Such a strategy helps the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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