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The dress is meant to symbolize fire, one of the side-effects of climate change. However, in addition to its symbolic importance, it also has a rare quality of merging the sophisticated with the primal in its colors and lines. It is simple and flattering yet also volcanically sexual. Indeed, Tlale says that he deliberately draped the chiffon to make it appear like an overflow of volcano, while the metallic fabric and coins represent dried-up ash.

Tlale says that he designs his dresses to be worn by women of all body types.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Dress Review: David Tlale David Assignment

That is why Tlale's design process is highly organic -- the dress was never sketched, but rather built through trial and error. Tlale lets the fabric become what it wants to be, just as he hopes his dresses allow women to be all they want to…
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