Drinking Water Essay

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For the modern diet, water or water flavored with a bit of fresh lemon is preferable to fruit drinks, sports drinks or sodas, which also are usually high in sugars and calories. Water with lemon helps the body detoxify and remove waste products quicker, and since there is nothing to digest, is usable to the body immediately.

There are several easy ways one can increase their water consumption.

Carry a water bottle with you when you drive, walk or garden.

Sip water throughout the day while at work.

Drink water at night while watching television or doing home activities.

Freeze some water in freezer-safe bottles; take these with you on trips or to have on hand.

Choose water instead of other beverages when dining out -- it is healthier and will save money.

Use a wedge of lemon or lime to flavor the water; it tastes so good you might drink even more (Falkenmark & Rockstrom, 2004).

Water is vital for the human body. The body cannot work without it and all our cells and tissues depend on water for proper functioning. Water lubricates almost every process in the body, from chewing and swallowing, to digestion and absorption, to our joints and brains. In fact, water is so important that the 92% of the body's blood plasma is critical to maintaining a proper ph, circulating antibodies from the immune system, and regulating our temperature. Why not help your body, drink at least a gallon a day -- you'll be surprised with the results (APEC Water Systems, 2012).


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Essay on Drinking Water Have You Ever Assignment

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