Driven: Leadership Strategy an Organization Term Paper

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Adequate communication via written, oral or electronic keeps all members of the team aware of the climate in which they work. It also gives each employee the power to build upon the company's culture because with open communication comes flexibility. Out of flexibility comes the opportunity for creativity, new ideas and innovations -- all at an advantage for the company. Out of creativity and new ideas come possible new products or services and also ways in which to improve present products and services. This keeps the organization on its toes and at a competitive advantage with similar companies in the market place. Over time because of executing a strategy, one begins to see how an organization remains cyclical. Only with proper execution can the cycle continue.

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The more a leader keeps the employees up-to-date on things that are happening higher in the chain of command, the easier it is for the leader to execute every day aspects of the company's strategy. Without employee's having an understanding or if the employee should be kept in the dark, this opens up the company for tremendous problems including insubordination and distrust of upper management and rumors. By cutting off communication, only disrupts the flow of production and creates inefficiency. This makes management unhappy but also leads to employee morale being low. In order to continue the flow of work, a leader must continue building bonds but also remain effective in introducing new elements of strategy without making employees feel uncomfortable. Without a clear plan, leaders face many issues because lack of strategy implementation allows the employee to question the leader's word and therefore the integrity of the organization. This breaks the cycle and causes harm to the process.

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