What Drives Organizational Change Essay

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Organizational Change

Drivers of Organizational Change

Most organizations are in a constant state of change though these changes might be very subtle and slow-moving, due to the ever-changing environments in which they operate. Successful organizations realize this and work to manage change in a manner that yields a certain degree of consistency and high reliability with the flexibility to adjust as necessary. There are also times when certain catalysts create a clear and pressing need for more major organizational changes, the management of which is at least as crucial as the management of incremental changes on a more ongoing basis. The following paragraphs will detail the drivers and management of change following to catalyst events witnessed by the author, with appropriate analysis and commentary from contemporary literature on the subject.

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At one point, a retail establishment at which the author was employed experienced a catalyst for change due to a shifting market. The owner had opted not to carry a rather small line of specific products due to problems with the ordering process with this particular supplier. A sudden increase in the demand for this specific brand of products brought on by a new marketing campaign was resisted by the owner for some time due to the same hassles in ordering, but finally the clear potential sales won out and the increased revenue proved more than worth the adjustments that needed to be made in the ordering process. This led to a more flexible set of policies and expectations for the entire establishment in terms of ordering and diversifying offered items, and serves as a prime example of the concept of "outside-in" thinking for consumer businesses -- emphasizing opportunities rather than capabilities (Fisk 2008).

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