Driving Along the Busy Streets Term Paper

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Thus, different managers are uniquely diverse from each other, but they all are required to respond to the same functions of management, whether in operations, production, people management, and many others. Their primary function is to lead the company through its vision of success and formulate certain strategies in order to be at par with competing companies. Planning, motivating, expectations, teaching and coaching, measuring performance, rewards and consequences, relationship management, self-management, leadership are but some of a managers functions and responsibilities.

The key factor in management is leadership. As defined clearly by different authors and masters of management, leadership qualities is an essential ingredient in better management. Innovation and creativity is a must in 21st century management. This trait and skill requires careful study and precise knowledge in order to make sound decisions with regards to changes in company policies, attributes and products. In order to survive the booming competitiveness of the present industry, creativity and innovation is a must!

As such in every endeavor, the least but most important of all among managers and leaders is the will. The will to pursue, implement and follow policies and basic functions of being a better manager.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Driving Along the Busy Streets Assignment

Editorial Review (2004) It's Okay to Ask'em to Work- author Frank McNair (2004)Extracted Oct 27,2005; Website: www.amazon .com [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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