Drug Abuse Prevention or Treatment Strategy Term Paper

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Drug Abuse Prevention or Treatment Strategy

Every Government reserves the right to fight against the use and the abuse of illicit drugs, like for example, prescribed drugs like psycho stimulants, and the use of other drugs like tobacco and of alcohol. The Australian government has launched the National Illicit Drug Strategy entitled the 'Tough on Drugs' campaign in the year 1997, in order to combat the illicit usage of drugs and also to dramatically decrease the demand as well as the supply of these drugs. Since the launch of the plan, the Australian government has spent more than $1 billion in research and drug abuse prevention strategies. The supply of drugs has been now controlled, and the same campaign also includes the easy availability and abuse of psycho stimulating drugs, under the 'National Psycho stimulants Initiative', and the 'National Co morbidity Initiative' encompasses plans to prevent drug abuse in the cases of those patients who have no history of mental health problems of any kind. The 'Australian Drug Information Network' is also funded by the campaign, and this is in essence a network of pertinent information for drug users and the problems related to such use and abuse. (National Illicit Drug Strategy)

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The U.S. Department of Justice in conjunction with the Bureau of Prisons, created a complete and comprehensive drug abuse treatment strategy primarily meant to bring about a commendable amount of change in the behavior of inmates and their usage and abuse of drugs. What was important in this program was the fact that the main emphasis was placed on the education of the inmates of the prisons, and the end of the treatment program would involve the entire community. This was a major advantage for the prisoner when he would be released into the world and into a society that would reject him initially. (Substance Abuse Treatment)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Drug Abuse Prevention or Treatment Strategy Assignment

The drug policy that has been followed for numerous years in the United States of America has, in fact, been that of aggression, in that the government reserves the right to arrest or incarcerate anyone who was found to possess any small connection to any sort of illegal drugs. However, the result of such aggressiveness has been found to be one of increased drug use, and at times, disease, and even death. This in effect means that the dire need of the day is to create and to develop an infinitely better and more effective strategy to fight against drugs that would have the result of handling the drug users and treating them in a much better manner. Therefore, not only must a national commission to fight drug abuse be set up, but also adequate freedom must be granted to the states and the cities to experiment and come up with their own means and methods to fight drug abuse. (the Effective National Drug Control Strategy, 1999)

One of the most effective measures with which to fight the scourge of drugs and also to effectively treat patients of drug abuse is to introduce certain educational interventions in Colleges or in Universities or even in Schools, where there is a concentration of the young people of the country. The 'Center for Treatment Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse', or, as it is better known, the 'CTRADA', was initiated in the year 1991 as a clinical research center meant for research into drug abuse and its treatment methods. Herein, intensive research is carried out in the creation, in the development, in the improvement, and also in the assessment of the various drug abuse treatments available for the treatment of adolescents who indulge in the use of drugs. The patient, and his family background, and also the characteristics of the patient's family are taken into account during the process, and this, it is felt, is the better option for an adolescent drug abuser, not only in his diagnosis and treatment, but also in effectively keeping him off drugs for a reasonable period of time, under the given sets of circumstances. (Center for Treatment Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse)

Another such program that has been created to help and to treat adolescents and teenagers is the 'Adirondack Leadership Expedition' that concentrates on the character development and building up of troubled teenagers by guiding these young persons on an 'insight- oriented' program that would in effect have the impact of making the teenagers take the responsibility of their choices upon themselves, thereby accepting their problem, facing the reality, and thereafter taking steps towards their own betterment. Leadership qualities are also fostered in these adolescents, and after the completion of the camp, they start to develop better peer relationships. (Alcoholism Addiction and Mental Health Help)

Drug Treatment, in essence, involves the complete set of services that would have to be involved in the attempts made to stop and arrest or to curtail the destructive and more often devastating effects of drug abuse and addiction. Since there are numerous different drugs that are available to the drug user, what is important is that the drug treatment for different drugs may vary considerably, and the treatment may become further complicated due to the continued usage of such drugs. The mental health condition of these long-term abusers also suffers, and this would have to be treated separately, as yet another disease. In a work or a business setting, where the users are adults, it is often found that these people are more often than not faced with the legal and financial implications and results of their drug abuse and addictions. This can lead to situations like homelessness, incarceration, or at times, probation in their workplace. (What is Drug Treatment?)

If the drug abuse treatment were to be effective, then the abuser's physical, psychological, as well as social make up must be taken into consideration, and the family must also be taken into confidence. To this extent, the patient must be treated for his addiction in such a way that he would be able to either sustain his drug reduction, or finally be able to eliminate his usage of drugs, and then sustain the elimination, successfully. Generally, therefore, the treatment of drug abuse involves a combination of mental and medicinal approaches, wherein the user would be subjected to certain behavioral therapies, cognitive therapies, as well as psychotropic therapies. Relapse prevention also forms an important part of the treatment, and the behavioral therapy generally encompasses this aspect of the treatment also.

Since there is an increased risk for drug abusers of the dreaded HIV virus infection, as well as of Hepatitis, the ways and means of using protection against these diseases are taught to the users, and they will also be taught to monitor their own viral transmissions. Since it has been proven that drug addiction is a disease, and there will more often than not be more than a few relapses during the course of the treatment for drug abuse, it must be taught to the patients that this is a common occurrence, and that the families, or the workplace peers or the society of the individual must also give their own support in order to free the patient of his addiction and help him to stay off drugs for longer and longer periods of time, until the time when such treatment measures would no longer be required. (What is Drug Treatment?)

There are many different drugs that are freely available, that can in fact become addictive, and the treatment for specific drugs must be altered to the particular drug. However, what is more important in the successful treatment of a drug abuser is his own individual characteristics and traits, and whether he is in full possession of all his mental faculties, since it is a natural progression for drug abusers to lose a part of their mental faculties. This leads to difficulties in his treatment, and the more severe his addiction; the more difficult would be the treatment. Gradually, over a period of time, the patient would be able to, after intensive treatment, stay away from the substance that he had been abusing, improve his physical as well as his mental health, and, most importantly, be able to improve his social abilities, and live a satisfactory and fulfilled life in his own family and society. (Challenges, what is Addiction Treatment?)

In some cases, where the treatment for drug abuse needs to be expanded, the major problem for the abusers is the identification of the sites where such expanded treatment are being provided. Law enforcement officials are in fact stepping up their crack down on drug abusers, but this is, in fact having no real impact, because of the fact that most hospitals and outpatient facilities are full to the brim with AIDS cases and other dreaded diseases, and would therefore not be able to provide the extended care and attention that these drug abusers really need. In fact, there is an increasing phenomenon of neighborhoods as well as communities growing more and more intolerant of the drug treatment programs, despite the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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